'Growing resilience, Living Restoratively’ for people supporting communities in a troubled time…
“Discard useless road maps of exhausted ideologies, discard the certainties of strategy, regeneration requires us to move forward and risk everything we know, embracing the Uncertainty that marks these times, changing ourselves as well as the world about us and reconfiguring into older relationships of interbeing”    Simon Bramwell
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what is asked:
this project asks those of you stirred to engage to wrestle with ‘being needed’, leadership in a troubled time, resilience, village making, connections over ages and geographies, growing support, support support and in what is called for if elderhood is to show up in our midst, learning* and more..

The basic offer;Sept 2019 - Sept 2020
a mixed online and temporary village spaces to grow one another, support the work we do, to sit across ages looking out together at the horizon we share filled with grief and love and to cultivate ‘bearing faithful witness to what is, knowing it could be no different and proceeding as if needed’

The basic plea;
to engage and work hard with others in learning and growing the skills of love and grief and beauty fed actions for communities; our focus is on what is needed by the human, more than human and unseen worlds...together we will wrestle with ‘not knowing’ and, for some of us, with that feeling of ‘wrecked on schedule’ given our times...and to keep engaging, growing, doing and living in service of life nonetheless.

SPECIFIC:  able to commit for the year (or contact gayano if you can do some) willing to complete what is needed for the grant proposal  -  have some clarity about how you want to be a part of your community, what you wish to contribute; willing to learn, engage others to re-grow skills in connection, neededness, interdependence, agency and seed collaborative engagement and actions. To be affiliated  with GSE as the organising hub for this project.
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are you OK to be affiliated with GSE as the grant applicant organisation?  ~ GSE is an open hearted,  creative social enterprise able to pursue new and untried ideas.  Our diverse projects have been the bedrock for meeting differences and contributing skills and resources to enable people and organisations to work things out together; to communicate effectively and develop life long skills to support them in all walks of life. *
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