Have a topic that you think would interest people but you want to test the response before committing to it? Have you reached a dead end with a project or issue and need some new ideas? Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to present in front of a group about something you are passionate about? This interactive SNAPSHOT is your opportunity to present your research, project or issue in an abbreviated manner (4 minute maximum) to the 2019 IALEP Training Conference audience. After the presentations you can seek advice and input from the audience to help improve your topic or project. An informal, fun, and rapid fire approach to share your topics/issues and practice your presentation skills.
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In this fast paced, informative, and hopefully FUN session we will be giving YOU, IALEP members and conference attendees, the opportunity to tell us about your program, idea, concept, vision, etc. The update could be about a research project starting, underway or completed or you can use the time to pitch a project with the hope of garnering support/input from others in the crowd. This is your opportunity to speak at the conference….but only for 4 minutes.
1. First, sorry but no vendors. This is not a time for a sales pitch of a particular product.
2. No slides – verbal presentations only. However, feel free to bring a “one pager” to distribute.
3. You have EXACTLY 4 minutes. A timer will go off and you will be pushed off the stage by the next speaker (be gentle please).
4. Speakers will lined up at the side of the stage in order of presentation. You can’t step on the stage until the buzzer rings!
5. You must submit your name/project information no later than Monday, September 9, 2019. It will be first come, first serve so complete this form ASAP.
6. There are only 12 spots available. Once we have 12 submissions we will close the session (but be ready to run up to the front of the room if someone fails to show up!).
7. There will be a random draw and the order of speakers will be posted on a slide.
8. Some courage and a sense of humor required.
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