Alumni Fairbairns'
The Fairbairn Cup will take place on Friday 1st December and we hope to enter a men's and a women's VIII. The course is 4300m from the Jesus Flagpole to the Little Bridge on the Cam. The invitational VIIIs race in the morning division and we will then have lunch at a local pub. The Michaelmas boat club dinner is on the Saturday (2nd) and you are invited to attend if you are able!

In terms of training, we hope to have two sessions - one in Henley on the afternoon of Sunday 26th November, and one the morning of the race (Friday 1st December) at 7:30am in Cambridge.

Time to train as a crew will be limited and we would like our crews to be competitive. Therefore, we are aiming for individual steady state 5k times of around 20min for men and 22min 30sec for women. Please register interest regardless and if there are sufficient numbers, we will enter boats. If you are not in shape right now, you have a nice window to train and get up to peak fitness before the race!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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