July 2017 Mastery Challenge Submissions
Please use this form to share the jam you made for the July 2017 Food in Jars Mastery Challenge.

If you shared your project via a blog or social media (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Photo, or Flickr all work well), please do share the direct link in the designated spot below.

If you didn't post your preserve to a public forum, you can still share your name and the type of preserve you made. Just skip the URL field. Sharing the URL is only necessary if you want to be included in the linked round-up on the blog.

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What kind of hot pack preserve did you make?
What was the primary ingredient in your hot pack?
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How many batches did you make for this month's challenge?
OPTIONAL - Link to the blog or social media post of your project. If you posted about multiple preserves, please choose just one to share.
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How did you feel about hot pack preserving before you tackled this challenge?
What's a hot pack?
I was already a master in this skill!
How do you feel about hot pack preserving now?
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Any final comments about this month's challenge?
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