2020 OER Digest Reader Survey
The OER Digest team is dedicated to providing the OER community with relevant news, ways to get involved, inspiration for campus programming, and more. We're asking readers to share their thoughts and feedback so we can better design the digest to suit our community's needs.

Thanks in advance for your time,

the OER Digest team

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1. How often do you read the OER Digest?
Every edition
Clear selection
2. Which statement BEST expresses the primary reason why you are subscribed to the Digest:
3. Currently, the Digest is published every two weeks. Do you think it is published:
Not often enough
Too often
Clear selection
4. Which is the optimal day to receive the Digest?
5. Where do you usually read the Digest?
6. How relevant do you find the information in the Digest?
Very relevant
Not relevant at all
Clear selection
7. Please rank each section of the Digest in order of importance to you:
1 = Very important, 5 = Not as important
1 - Very important
5 - Not as important
COVID-19 Resources
News and Updates
Open Connections (jobs, events, etc.)
Stories from the Field
Hot off the Press (new resource)
Weigh In (articles, readings)
Clear selection
8. How did you originally hear about the Digest?
9a. Where do you reside?
If you are located outside of North America, see question 9b below.
9b. If you are located outside of North America, please specify your country here.
10. How likely is it that you would recommend the Digest to a friend/colleague?
Very likely
Very unlikely
Clear selection
11. As a reader, do you consider the Digest to be an independent publication or a voice of the contributing organizations?
12. How can the Digest better serve our community?
13. Please share any additional comments you have regarding the OER Digest:
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