Elementary School Counseling Student Referral Form
The school counselor (Mrs. Tegge) is available to talk with students or consult with parents for a variety of issues you may face throughout the school year. School counselors typically offer short-term counseling (about 3 sessions), and refer out with parent permission based on perceived parent need. If you would like to meet with the school counselor, please fill out the following form.

**PLEASE NOTE: If this is an emergency, and you want to hurt themselves or others; or if an adult is hurting you please call either 911 or report to Perry County Children Services(740) 342-3836. Requests are not processed immediately and may be reviewed up to two days following the request submission. All school personnel are mandated reporters and are obligated to report issues of suspected child abuse/neglect.**

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This form is confidential, and Mrs. Tegge will endeavor to keep the information between you, her, and the Google form collecting system. However, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed while the form is unsubmitted. Additionally, Mrs. Tegge cannot guarantee confidentiality for remote learners for several reasons: 1. Mrs. Tegge may have to call home to schedule a meeting with you and other family members may answer. 2. Family members may monitor you or your communication system during our meeting. Additionally, Mrs. Tegge has to tell someone if you disclose that you are thinking of hurting yourself or others, or if someone is hurting you or others. Finally, your email address will be submitted upon the completion of this form as an optional contact point for Mrs. Tegge to reach you.
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If you are a remote learner, please try to obtain parent/guardian permission before seeking Mrs. Tegge's help. She will have to most likely have to call them in order to speak to you.
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