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enable supports researchers willing to promote their research results through the granting of licenses to companies.
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1. Do you plan to valorize your research results through the creation of a startup? *
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[Overview of the technology, the problem it could solve, the users it could address, and how the grant will enhance the value of your invention]
3.3 Technology Description *
[Highlight the novelty and advantages of your technology. How will it work?]
3.4 Intellectual Proprety Protection *
Is a patent application already filed and/or the software disclosed to the EPFL TTO?
3.5 Market Opportunity *
[What are the potential industrial applications of your technology? Who are the targeted customers? What makes your solution compelling for the market.]
3.6 Grant Expected Deliverables *
[For example; prototype, software applications and user interfaces, scale-up assessment, pre-clinical studies, application validation, showcasing technology, etc.]
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[Detail the services you will be using the grant for and the associated estimated cost.]
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[Describe the high-level timeline for the activities financed by the grant]
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*If yes, please indicate which sources
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4. Next steps
4.1 Have you already identified potential industrial licensees for your technology? *
*If yes, who are they?
4.2 Did you already partner with them?
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*If yes, in which framework?
5. Internship details
[In case you wish to hire an intern.]
5.1 Title of the internship
5.2 Internship Description
[Provide specific examples of the type of work involved and the deliverables.]
5.3 Request Profile and Qualifications
[Identify specific competencies or skills required.]
5.4 Working rate (%)
5.5 Timeline
[Starting date and duration.]
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