CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS: A Branch Out Initiative_Sponsorship Form
If you would like to sponsor a family who is in need of a Christmas Blessing this season please complete the following form before Sunday November 22nd.

Please keep in mind that the minimum suggested gift is $75 per adult and $50 per child (17 and under). This can be given in the form of gift cards, a gift, or much needed items (i.e. winter gear for kids, grocery items, etc.)

How the program will work
1) Submit your form by Sunday November 22nd
2) A Branch Out sub-committee will match your group with a family in need.
3) The group representative, will be contacted and given the basic information about the family. In addition they will be given the contact information of the person who referred the family ("the liaison"). They are encouraged to contact the liaison to request more information about the family (i.e. age of children) and what type of gift cards, gifts, or much needed items the family would like or is need of.
4) Collect money within your group and purchase items. Please remember that this is a gift and not a taxable donation.
5) If blessing a family with gift cards please arrange with the liaison/family to deliver them the first week of December. If blessing the family with other items please arrange a delivery time that works best with the family directly or through the liaison.

Thank you so much for spreading the love of Christ this Christmas through this program. We hope that everyone involved in this program will also be blessed because in giving to others, we receive joy.

If you have any further questions please contact Kelly Davis at
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Name of Organization or Type of Group (i.e. Life Group, family, friends, etc. *
Number of people in a family you are willing to sponsor. State the total number or number of kids or adults. We will do our best to match your request. *
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