Jesse M. Smith Library Patron Survey
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Including yourself please indicate how many household members you have in the following age categories:
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65 or older
Do you have a library card from Jesse Smith or any Ocean State Library?
How often do you...?
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Often (one or more times a month)
Seldom (one or more times a year)
Rarely (once every few years)
Visit the library in-person
Visit the library website
Check out print books
Check out Ebooks using the eZone
Check out Audiobooks using the eZone
Check out audiovisual materials (DVDs, audiobooks)
Use the library computers
Use the library copier/printer
Use the wireless printing service
Use library meeting rooms
Attend adult library programs
Attend or have household members attend teen library program
Attend or have household members attend children's library programs
How approachable do you find the library staff?
How easy is it to use the library and find what you are looking for?
Is there anything that prevents you from using the library more often?
What is the best way to let you know about new events, library programs, and other library news?
What do you MOST OFTEN use the library for?
How important is the library to you and your family overall?
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