Soccer Regional Coordinator Application 2020
We are currently seeking applications to serve as Regional Coordinators for Region II, V, VI with III for 1 year
Deadline: Friday, January 31, 2020.

Regional Coordinator Position Description
The minimum of two Regional Coordinator positions shall be filled by current NIRSA professional members. Preferred qualifications include:
• Regional soccer experience in the form of league commissioner, regional tournament volunteer, Regional Assistant Coordinator or other applicable service
• National Tournament Volunteer experience

The Regional Coordinator Position shall report to the Directors of Competition for the National Tournament throughout the year. In the event the National Directors of Competition are not available, this position shall report to the NIRSA Soccer Work Team Chair. Additional support for this position shall always be available from NIRSA headquarters.

Appointment Process:
The appointment process will be by application. These applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the following members:
• Co - Directors of Competition for the National Tournament
• National Tournament Director/Director of National Sport Programs, NIRSA
• National Soccer Work Team Chair
• Current Regional Coordinator in the appropriate region (if one is in term)

Timelines for these applications will vary annually and will be posted on the NIRSA website.

Regional Coordinators will serve a three year term. The minimum number of Regional Coordinator positions per region shall be two, with the option to have more positions filled if needed. These Regional Coordinators shall serve staggered terms if at all possible. Regional Coordinators are eligible to serve multiple terms but they must complete the application process and be appointed for this additional service at the conclusion of each term to be considered. Each term shall begin on March 1st.

• Serve as NIRSA liaison reporting regional rankings, bid recommendations, and other pertinent information
• Responsible for the recruitment, selection, and guidance of the regional leadership team
• Disburse and maintain accurate information/reports for constituents and leadership team using appropriate
communication methods (e-mail, website, forms, etc.)
• Align and instill NIRSA values within the administration of league(s) and tournament(s) operations
• Ensure successful execution of league(s) coordination and management through effective communication with league representatives. Including but not limited to:
• League scheduling
• Forfeits, cancellations, and rescheduling requests
• League results and standings
• Rules, policies, and disputes
• League membership and new team affiliation requests
• League policies and practices
• Finances
• Eligibility
• Ensure successful execution of regional tournament(s) through effective communication with regional representatives. Including but not limited to:
• Tournament operations including host site selection(s), logistics, risk management, equipment, supplies, etc.
• Tournament competition including scheduling, rules, team/player management
• Eligibility
• Team Selection
• Officials
• Volunteers
• Hospitality and lodging as necessary
• Finances
• Rules, policies, and disputes
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