East River Cooperative Garden
To the Board of Directors of East River Housing and the East River Management Office:

We the undersigned, as East River Cooperative shareholders, would like to express our extreme displeasure regarding the recent construction of the snow platform and destruction of the co-op garden. Putting aside whether the snow platform is necessary, the removal of ALL of the gardens (with the exception of one rose bush) is wrong.

For five years, East River shareholders have enjoyed personal gardening in the small plot created by the House Committee. Gardeners have spent a lot of time and money enriching the soil (adding compost, soil amendments, fertilizer, and topsoil), purchasing gardening tools and equipment, as well as plants and seeds. Without any warning, on or about May 25th, all of the plantings were pulled up and discarded, as were the containers, tomato cages, and decorations.

The gardens were nearly universally enjoyed by everyone who passed by — old and young, ER lifers and newbies alike. There is no downside to the garden. In fact, many more people than the approximately 15 current gardeners would like to participate in the garden as well. It seems completely unfair and arbitrary that such a wonderful amenity (at no cost to the Cooperative) would be destroyed.

We the undersigned request that the area be returned to the residents as a garden area for individuals to use. In addition, more garden plots should be made available, since many were removed to make room for the snow platform, and there is a greater need for garden plots.


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