Student Government Title IX Resolution
A Resolution

To University Administration, Including President Jonathan R. Alger, and Title IX Officers: James Robinson, Nicole Lenez, Jennifer Litwiller, Jennifer Phillips, Jennifer M. Toth, and Teresa Gonzalez.

In the Student Senate of James Madison University, senator Renzo Olivari and executive Treasurer Casey Donnelly submitted the following Bill of Opinion to express the opinions of the James Madison University student body regarding Title IX on campus.

Whereas, The Student Government Association of James Madison University is an organization dedicated to collaborating with all members of its community to advocate for student opinion, while fostering a proactive, inclusive, and safe environment. AND
Whereas Title IX violations on the James Madison University campus have become, and remain, a crisis in prohibiting equal and equitable education. AND
Whereas, A Student Government Association sponsored initiative to garner student opinion concluded that JMU is doing a neutral job regarding Title IX education, however, significant concerns regarding sexual assault and athletic violations are prevalent on campus. AND
Whereas, Given a lack of uniformity across campus and exclusive language present in current training, students do not feel that they have adequate knowledge of Title IX.

Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Student Senate of James Madison University, That:
The Student Government Association present to James Madison University’s administration the opinion of the student body in the following recommendations:
1. Adapt the Title IX training for student employees to include more gender inclusive language and provide interactive, and engaging training.
2. Incorporate gender neutral and inclusive language in Madison Alerts. Students have strongly expressed dissatisfaction with victim blaming phrasing in Madison Alerts as well.
3. Uniformly educate all students about their Title IX rights and resources. We recommend the incorporation of the “8 Key Questions” and the “Madison Collaborative” to advance students’ understanding of how to approach such situations.
4. Move the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX to a more visible location to students.
5. Promote the “Silent Witness” page on the JMU Police Department’s website and the LiveSafe app so that students know where they are able to report offenses anonymously.
6. Increasing funding for all partners who participate in Title IX and sexual assault investigations so they have the appropriate staff to not only handle, but respond in a timely manner to such complaints.
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A Bill of Opinion
This Bill of Opinion was written by Renzo Olivari and Casey Donnelly. Students of James Madison University were polled via an electronic survey and answered multiple questions regarding their opinions in regards to Title IX. The responses were compiled and condensed to create the resolution above. In order to pass, a Bill of Opinion required 10% of the JMU undergraduate population to be presented to administration (approx. 2,018 signatures).

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email: Renzo Olivari: or Casey Donnelly
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