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Introduction  Strengthening existing entrepreneurs and offering a new (entrepreneurial) opportunity for starting on the labor market is the goal in the implementation of the project. That is why the S@TB project wants to make (starting) entrepreneurs more digitally ready, join forces as a local community and offer them more capacity (knowledge, skills and growth) regarding entrepreneurial skills. But also making them more resilient in the current situation.

This project tries to bridge the gap between the current market, in which local entrepreneurs already had a difficult time given the larger conglomerates and the shopping streets that were increasingly emptied by the current economy. But also look for local initiatives in the commercial field and opportunities that the online world offers today. 

The activities of the S@TB project focus on
  • Develop and apply a masterclass program for so-called S@TB “local community owners” 
  • Drawing up guidelines, procedures and research into (start-up) local companies and their (regional) products and the online availability of various tools / instruments to stimulate and / or learn entrepreneurial skills
  • Setting up an online entrepreneurial hubs communities template/format, in which starting entrepreneurs create pop-ups with local stakeholders, including implementing pilots
  • A feasibility study into the continuation of the S@TB approach and method after the project period. 

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