Market Analysis Questionnaire
RETROFEED main objective is to enable the use of an increasingly variable, bio-based and circular feedstock in process industries through the retrofitting of core equipment and the implementation of an advanced monitoring and control system, and providing support to the plant operators by means of a DSS covering the production chain (decision support system/digital twin).

The purpose of the research is to identify potential external barriers and opportunities (e.g. biomass availability, regulation etc.) from the perspective of resource and energy intensive industries considering the replication of solutions tested by RETROFEED demonstration sites. You can find more information about the solutions at

The project has received funding from the European's Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 869939.

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1) How do you forecast future fluctuations in energy prices on country level? *
2) What are the current feedstock and raw material prices in your business on country level? *
3) What type of alternative waste materials could be of interest to be reused in your process? *
4) What is the availability of alternative raw materials as P2O5 source in your country? *
5) What is the availability and need of renewable energies in your country to perform retrofitting measures to increase your competitiveness? *
6) What are the barriers related to normative issues on national level for the use of alternative raw materials (tax incentives, regulation, energy efficiency targets)? *
7) What are the barriers on national level to use alternative raw materials (for example transport cost, quality, stability, etc.)? *
8) Do you see a possibility of creating “green label” for products using alternative raw materials in Circular Economy on country level? If yes, can you please explain in short? *
9) Do you see a possibility of creating “green label” for products using alternative energy sources other than fossil fuels on country level? If yes, can you please explain in short? *
10) On national level, how many factories do you estimate that could adopt the RETROFEED technologies out of the total number of factories in the ceramic, cement, aluminium, steel and fertilizer production industry?
11) What are your expectations about the payback period of the RETROFEED solutions?
12) What are the top 3 barriers and opportunities to implement RETROFEED actions?
13) What are your expectations about the scalability and replicability of RETROFEED?
14) How COVID-19 impacted your sector and what kind of measures did you implement? *
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