Marrow Gallery Exhibition Proposal
Fill out this form if you'd like to propose an exhibition in Marrow's storefront gallery on Lombard Street in North Portland!

If you haven't seen our physical gallery, we suggest stopping by before submitting your proposal. If you're not able to make it out here, and would like exact wall dimensions and/or photos of the gallery, please reach out to us at
Primary Contact Name: *
Individual who would be doing the majority of the organizing for this exhibition.
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Email address for the individual listed above.
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This exhibition would be: *
(Based on wall space in our gallery, for group shows: If artists will be displaying multiple works we suggest 2-5 artists. If artists will be displaying a single work, we can fit 50+ artists - depending on the size of the works.) We absolutely welcome solo exhibition proposals - but know that because we can only have about 12 exhibitions a year, we typically favor group shows - to give more artists an opportunity to exhibit here.
Proposed exhibition title: *
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Description of proposed exhibition: *
Is there a theme? How many artists would be in the exhibition? Are the artists youth (under 25) or adults (25+)? If the artist(s) are pre-selected, please describe their work, and provide links to websites or social media accounts where we can see the work. If you'd be putting out a call for artists, please describe the type of artists/work you're hoping to attract.
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Sale of exhibited artwork: *
Please note that as a volunteer-run, youth-focused, nonprofit space; we typically ask adult (25+) artists to donate 30%+ of any sale proceeds to Marrow, to benefit our programming. The amount donated can be the same for all artists/works, or vary piece-by-piece. We encourage youth (under 25) artists to keep 100% of their sale proceeds, but welcome a % to be donated if they so choose.
Ideal timeline: *
When would you want this show to be? Marrow exhibitions are typically just under one month long in duration (to allow for install and de-install, and any wall prep needed for the next show). Scheduling depends on what other exhibitions we have booked out in the gallery, but we work with artists to find a month that works well for them!
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What would the exhibition opening ideally be like: *
Our exhibition openings are typically the first or second Friday or Saturday of the month. Traditional exhibition openings often include refreshments, and if that's all you want that's fine - but are you gonna put your own take on it? Have a dj? Something interactive that aligns with the theme of your exhibition? (Please also note that Marrow is a sober space)
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Would you want to facilitate any programming around your exhibition? *
This is not required, but has significantly boosted engagement in previous exhibitions, and aligns really well with Marrow's mission. Examples could include: an artist talk, a film screening, or a workshop. (Workshops can be related to your art form, your process, or the content of your work/exhibition).
We cannot accept all exhibition proposals (as we only have roughly 12 exhibitions a year) - but we LOVE all of our proposals, and hope we can fit you in! We'll be in touch!
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