Marrow Gallery Exhibition Proposal
Fill out this form if you'd like to propose an exhibition in Marrow's storefront gallery on Lombard Street in North Portland!

Exhibition proposals are open to all, though we prioritize exhibiting work by youth (under 25), and individuals from other communities who may not see their voice reflected in Portland's gallery culture. While by no means required, we also prioritize exhibitions that are not purely visual - but also present a strong narrative, identity, message, or viewpoint.

If you haven't seen our physical gallery, we suggest stopping by before submitting your proposal. If you're not able to make it out here, and would like exact wall dimensions and/or photos of the gallery, please reach out to us at

Our exhibition proposals are currently looked at by staff and our youth collective, but we are **SEEKING a youth collective member (or two)** to join our team, who would be interested in taking on the curator position. Find more info here:

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