MENDAKI Digital Guides
MENDAKI Digital Guides are a community of volunteers from MENDAKI who shares the vision of uplifting MENDAKI and the community towards Smart Nation.
What's in it for you?
a) Be the first to know how MENDAKI is promoting digital initiatives to the community. This includes on how Smart Nation is transforming Singapore through digital technologies and playing roles in MENDAKI collaborating with Smart Nation transformation journey.

b) Participate in complimentary trainings to explore and build new skills set e.g. citizen engagement skills and also hackathons to help generate ideas for adoption of technology for community. Meet & network with fellow volunteers and new friends.

c) Spearhead and/or support activities initiated by MENDAKI and MENDAKI networks that are relevant to digital initiatives and digital co-creation.

d) Recognition certificate upon completion of term.

Volunteers who are digitally confident, enjoys meeting new people, are excited about the latest digital government services and technologies, and have a heart for the community. 
Responsibilities and Important Dates
- Completion of 20 hours within one year
- Compulsory attendance in 1 orientation session and 1  training session

Important Dates to Note
a) 12 Oct - Training by SMART Nation (9:45am to 12:30pm)
b) 19th/20th Oct - MERDEKA Generation Roadshow
c) 2nd/3rd - MENDAKI Learning Festival

Based on your respective availability for the roadshows/festivals, MENDAKI Digital Guides would assist seniors and the general public with smartphone-related queries, seek feedback on digital initiatives through SCOPE, and promote digital govt initiatives (More details would be shared as the date draws near)
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