B.A.B.E. Survey
We want to offer the classes you want, but we need to know what they are!

In this short survey we're going to ask about on-line classes (live, streaming classes where you can see the instructor and they can see you), on-demand classes (pre-recorded lessons available to stream at your convenience), and in-person classes (remember those?).

Your name and email are not required, but we'd love to be able to follow up with the results!
Live On-Line Classes
We've been offering on-line classes for three months and we want to make them even better! Have you taken any of our on-line classes? Do you want to?
When is the best time for you to take classes on-line at B.A.B.E.? All time are Eastern time zone. *
What types of classes would you like to see on-line at B.A.B.E.? *
What topics would you like to see in the categories you selected? *
On-Demand Classes
We've been getting a lot of requests for recorded classes. We are planning to start offering on-demand classes on a subscription basis.
Of our previously-offered workshops, which would you most like to see as a recorded class? Pick your top 3, please. *
How much would you pay for monthly access to recorded classes? *
In-Person Classes
Technically we are allowed to offer in-person classes in Boston. Do you want to take them?
If in-person classes were available today at the B.A.B.E. studio, would you take them? *
What safety precautions do you expect at the studio? *
What is the most important safety precaution foryou? *
Is there anything else you want to tell us about classes -- or anything else at B.A.B.E.?
Thank you!
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