Assessment of COST Action CA15109 dissemination activities
This short survey is fully anonymous and aims at collecting information on the dissemination and research activities of the COST Action CA15109. The results will be reported in aggregate form only.
How did you learn about COST Action CA15109 ?
You can indicate more than one option
I was involved in the proposal of this Action
I was informed/invited by somebody already active in the Action
I learned about it on a scientific or professional conference
Clear selection
How did you participate in the COST Action?
You can indicate more than one option
Management Committee meetings
Working Group meetings
Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)
Supervising students during their STSMs
Dissemination Activities and Publications
Clear selection
Where did you present your research findings? Please indicate the number of products/activities related to the COST Action CA15109
4 or more
Journal articles
Books or book chapters
Educational materials
Social media
COSTNET conferences
NON COSTNET conferences
Please rate the following aspects related to the COST action capacity building
1-not at all
5-to the greatest extent
New academic contacts nationally and internationally
Capacity to attract new funds to create new research project
Capacity to attract new funds for the research group
Training for undergraduate's or master's students
Training for PhD students
Improvement of career opportunities
New contacts with non-academic sectors
Are there any aspects of the participation in the COST Action that in your opinion should be improved?
Please indicate other aspects not covered in this survey but of importance for the evaluation
Help us to update the list sent by email with your scientific products that explicitly refer to the COSTNET Action (CA15109). Please indicate new scientific products below.
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