Application form_project Cook your MOOC (deadline 05.05.19)
Please take into account, that sending this application form you agree with following conditions of the participation in the activity:
1. I commit myself to participate in the whole process, including:
- to prepare myself carefully for the training-seminar and to do all remote preparation work that the team of organizators will ask for,
- to take part in the full duration of the project (Activity 1 and Activity 2),
- to participate in the whole evaluation process, including Mobility Tool.

2. I am aware, that health and full travel insurance are my own responsibility.

3. I`m aware, that in order to get 100% of my travel costs, according the distance calculator* I need to provide tickets and invoices with the indicated tickes price and boarding passes and choose the most appropriate and cost-effective means of transport.

4. I`m aware, that I can arrive to Barcelona (Activity 1) and Budapest (Activity 2) no earlier than 2 days before the training and departure not later than 2 days after the activity. In other case I take a risk not to be reimbursed (see the travel dates in the Call for participants).

5. I`m aware, that I will be reimbursed within 1 months after the activity through the bank transfer in case I provided all needed information and travel documents.

6. I`m aware, that I need to pay 70 euro of the participation fee on my arrival to the first project stage, taking place in Barcelona.

7. I understand ,that the information I provided on my special needs does not remove my own personal responsibility for ensuring my own health.

8. I allow to publish my pictures and videos, related to the training on their website and to use it for report and dissimination of the project results.

*ACTIVITY 1 (Barcelona, Spain):
275 euro per participants from Hungary and Greece.
There is no reimbursement for participants from Spain.

ACTIVITY 2 (Holloko, Hungary)
275 euro per participant from Spain and Greece.
20 euro per participant from Hungary.
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What languages do you speak? *
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Your general motivation for participation in this training activity. *
What exactly you would like to learn and to get from the training? *
What can be your own contribution to this training according your practical experience? *
Do you have any idea of MOOC, that you would like to develop within the training course? What kind of? *
Any other information/comments for the prep-team?
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