These will be on Saturday, April 14 from 2-5p, immediately following the business meeting and is FREE to all registered faculty. There will be FIVE SKILLS Labs as described below. Each session is 45 minutes and will repeat back to back for a total of FOUR times. SPACE IS LIMITED TO 10 ATTENDEES, although other registered faculty may observe. Individuals will be picked based on sign up order, preferences and total number of registered faculty who sign up for these sessions. Please fill out the information below. Only sign up for sessions you would definitely plan to attend and indicate your preference - you should only have ONE first choice, second choice, third choice, etc. PLEASE REGISTER FOR THE MEETING BEFORE YOU COMPLETE THIS FORM.
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Neonatal Resuscitation Skills. Objectives:1) Become familiar with the 2015 NRP Guidelines 2) Practice the initial steps of a term infant resuscitation 3) Participate in a term infant resuscitation simulation
Transvenous Pacing. Objectives: 1) Perform transvenous pacing insertion on the PacerMan™ 2) Be able to troubleshoot problems associated with transvenous pacer insertion
Difficult Airway. Objectives: 1) Discuss a simple algorithm for all ED intubations 2) Optimize intubation conditions to maximize success and minimize complications 3) Intubate a manikin through an laryngeal mask airway using a flexible fiberoptic intubation scope
Complicated Deliveries. Objectives: 1) Demonstrate methods to manage complicated deliveries such as shoulder dystocia or breech presentation 2) Discuss ED management of post partum hemorrhage
Regional Nerve Blocks. Objectives: 1) Discuss indications and contraindications of regional nerve blocks 2) Use ultrasound to guide placement of a femoral nerve block
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