HPV Free Idaho - Champion 2019
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HPV Champion Nomination Details
An HPV vaccination champion is someone who exhibits any one (or more) of the following characteristics in their efforts to increase HPV vaccination rates:


Please describe the champion's efforts to increase vaccination as it relates to these categories.

Expertise: Please explain how the candidate is considered an authority on HPV vaccination in their community, medical system, or individual practice. Activities may include a clinician, nurse or office staff acting as a spokesperson, trainer, mentor, or educator, whether in their community or practice/clinic; a practice/clinic implementing a quality improvement project; or, creatively using AFIX visits to their advantage.
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Advocacy: Please explain how the candidate has worked to build support for and increase HPV vaccination rates in their adolescent population. Activities may include establishing or strengthening partnerships, coalitions, committees, working groups, or other programs.
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Creativity: Please explain how the candidate has used creative or innovative strategies to promote HPV vaccination or address challenges to HPV vaccination in their practice, health system, community, state, or region. Activities may include both new strategies and adapting existing strategies in new ways.
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