Evaluation of the C3 Mobility - Students - Lithuania
Siaulai, 5-11 February 2018
Participant students *
Very little
Just a little
Quite a lot
A great deal
I really enjoyed this part of the experience
I made new friends
I feel better with my class
I feel I know my friend's culture better
I can speak and understand English better than before
I enjoy more the school time
Now I know a different educational system and I can compare it with mine
My awareness of democracy and equality has increased
I am more used to share best practices
I am more able to plan and arrange an event
I am more able to work independently or in team
I am more capable of recognizing opportunities
I have developed a sense of initiative
I feel more self-aware and self-confident
Now I feel I am a European citizen
Participant students - Please note down if you had problems in the following aspects of your experience
Very little
Just a little
Quite a lot
A great deal
Foreign food
Habits and rules in the host school
Habits and rules in the host family
Boring activities
Too many activities. I felt very tired
Too difficult task to solve
Language problems
I missed my family and my friends
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