Nonprofit Organization Volunteer Survey
Mind Your Volunteers is collecting information to learn more about how nonprofits utilize their volunteers within their nonprofit organization.

The below survey takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete and is submitted to us anonymously.
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How many volunteers do you currently have? *
Where do you commonly find volunteers? *
Do you have a formalized process for volunteers to signup? *
How do you follow up with volunteers after they initially signup? *
Do you provide a list of assignments or duties that volunteers can perform or complete during signup or onboarding? *
Do you have a formalized onboarding process? *
Do you have volunteer or operations manual to which volunteers can refer for information about their position or the organization? *
Do you have a formalized process for matching volunteers with actions? *
Do you conduct temperature checks or regular checkins with your volunteer community? *
Do you use an online platform or app for communication with volunteers? *
Do volunteers have the ability to communicate directly with paid employees within the organization? *
Do volunteers have the ability to openly communicate with other volunteers within the organization? *
Do you use an online management platform or app to manage volunteer contact information? *
Do you use a project management tool or platform with volunteers? *
Do you have a formalized process for grievances or when volunteers have a concern that needs to be addressed? *
Do you have a process for removal or resignation to track when volunteers leave the organization? *
Do you complete an off boarding survey or any type of follow up to determine why volunteers leave the organization? *
Are you willing to answer a few more questions? They are open ended and will take an additional 3-5 minutes. *
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