RALEIGH SINGAPORE : Operation Amar Sain 2019
Project date : 03 August - 18 August 2019
Application date : 30 March - 20 April 2019
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There will be a detailed Raleigh Code of Conduct that you are expected to sign if you are selected. The aim is to create a positive and safe environment where all participants know what is expected of them, and to help them work alongside one another to achieve both the goals of the Operation and the individuals personal aims. No alcohol consumption, no illegal activities (including drug taking), no inappropriate staff/venturer relationship during Operation. Respect the local culture, traditions and customs. No acts of physical or others at risk.
By submitting this application form, you are agreeing to the following:
- this expedition (Operation Amar Sain) is organised by Raleigh volunteers (I.e..not paid staff) who believe in paying it forward through adventure
- you will help with the organisation of the expedition
- you will participate in joint fundraising efforts as Raleigh's ethos is that fundraising is part of the challenge. Fund raised will go towards project costs and participates' travel expenses
- in order to minimise impact to the environment, living and working conditions will be basic
- you agree with the Code of Conduct outlined above
- you will be expected to sign an indemnity form before you can go on the expedition- you give Raleigh Singapore permission to collect analyse and collate your personal information for the purposes of the expedition and also to send you news and updates including Let's Take a Walk. Your data will never be sold or exchanged
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