2020 Solo and Ensemble Sign Up
Solo and Ensemble will consist of two performance opportunities. The Urbandale Solo Contest is on Thursday, February 13th and the Perry Band Olympics will be on Saturday, February 22nd. Students are expected to perform at BOTH events.
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If performing an ensemble, please list all member's last names in the following format: Dupuis/Doggett/Andrews etc.
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If you are performing an ensemble, please choose the oldest student's grade.
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An ensemble consists of 2 - 6 members. A "like" ensemble consists of the same instruments. Unlike ensembles consist of different instruments. Miscellaneous ensembles consist of different instruments from different families (ex. trumpet and flute).
If you selected an ensemble in the above dropdown menu, please type each member's last name and the instrument they intend to perform (ex. Dupuis - Alto Sax, Doggett - Tenor Sax, Andrews - Trumpet)
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Name of Song Book & Page Number
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If needed, we can connect you with an accompanist. It will be your responsibility to contact them and schedule rehearsals well in advance of your performance. Be sure to communicate with them EARLY and schedule a minimum of 2 - 3 rehearsals.
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