Caring Canines Therapy Dog Club of Southern Vermont - Application for Membership
 Regular Member ($35.00)          � Household Membership ($50.00)          � Supporting Member ($20.00)

           Payment of dues will be collected upon successful completion of dog/handler evaluation.
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In order to help us better understand you and your dog, please complete as much of the information below as you are comfortable with. If not applicable, please indicate with ‘NA’
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On what club committees have you served and/or what club related activities have you been involved with? *
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If accepted as a member of the C.C.T.D.C. of S.VT.,  what would you most look forward to? *
What is your perception of a therapy team? *
What type of visits you are interested in doing? *
Can you commit to at least 5 visits a year? *
Why do you believe that your dog is suited to therapy work? *
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Is your dog shy or nervous around crowds of people (describe)? *
Does your dog get along well with children (describe)? *
How does your dog act with multiple dogs and people in the room? *
How does your dog handle stress (describe)? *
What do you do as a handler to address this? *
What types of collars and leashes do you use? *
Has your dog ever bitten a human being? *
Is your dog hand shy? *
Has your dog ever been involved in a dog fight?   *
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