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The process is designed to work for people who are stretched very thin for time. It is also set up so that it generates value for each participant. In short: we share with each other our projects; we plan individual contributions to the bid and allow everyone to review them; we map activities and budgets and include them in the application. Edgeryders takes responsibility for finalising the document and submitting it on behalf of the participants. To learn more:
Which skype calls will you attend? 30 mins to tell us about what you are doing. We produce an article about your initiative and submit it as a participating project on the website. Add ID: edgeryders
Which Languages do you speak?
Help us prepare ahead of the call. What's you project or relevant care experience you will share? (2-3 sentences)
Your answer
Are you joining a physical meetup? These are 1day or 2day workshops to map together the activities you would want to do, and how much money you would need to finance them. Outcome: a shared, transparent budget document. If you cannot make it to one of the physical meetings, we can organise an Online Work Meeting to ensure that you can participate anyway.
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