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Fill out this form, either as an interested resident or a ranking member of your HOA to head UpStream. Becoming an UpStream community means that UpStream is your community's waste-servicer, for both trash and recycling. What it really means is your community gets access to eco-mmerce and truly free shipping on lots of feel-good, eco friendly products.  It means additional support for your local farmer's markets and small businesses as we support their last-mile infrastructure - which can be almost impossible to profitably sustain themselves. It means your residents get access to rewards for being ecological and are empowered to be green and recycle. We give them highways to recycle smarter, reduce their waste and buy locally and ecologically.   We give your residents access to painless neighbor to neighbor selling because its just something that's easy for us to do for you.

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Please give an exact number or range. We are considering communities with 49 - 1000 homes.
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We are considering communities in any state (including Hawaii and Alaska)!
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Common waste servicers include, Waste Management, Republic Services, American Disposal Services, AA, Patriot Services and more.
What do you currently pay for waste-servicing per month? *
This fee is normally found on your HOA bill or directly billed to you by mail or electronically. Prices for waste servicing are typically $13 - $30 per month per household depending on the area you live in.  It is UpStream's goal to provide you with all of the above services AND a marginally cheaper monthly garbage bill.
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