2019 FBA Draft Candidate Submission Form!
Thank you for your interest in submitting a Furry Basketball draft candidate!

As a draftee, you take on the role of a young athlete putting his name in to join our sports organization. Because the FBA is about stories, we want to know yours.

Where did you come from? What is the journey you took to get wanting to play professional basketball? Why are you playing basketball? What makes you the best of the best?

New draft candidates often make FBA twitter accounts and tell stories for their characters. They 'market' their brand and work and contribute with others to tell entertaining stories.

This is all in culmination to one of the most exciting parts of the FBA: Draft Day. The once-a-year event where our Team Staff select new players to join their teams.

The FBA Draft is our graduation; it is our sorting hat. It’s a huge event that players spend months preparing for. Your preparation for that day starts right now.

Welcome to the FBA!

Please note: Submissions for the draft will be accepted up until 100 submissions are submitted, OR until Sunday, August 5, at 11:59 PM PDT.
However, TOP 24 SUBMISSIONS WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED AFTER MONDAY, JULY 16, AT 11:59 PM PDT if the 100 submission limit has not been reached.

In order to submit a player for consideration in the 2019 FBA Draft Pool, you must first agree to the following Terms of Service (TOS). The following terms will be used to describe the different parties and organizations involved in this agreement.

TOS: http://wiki.furrybasketball.net/index.php?title=WikiFBA:General_disclaimer

You must also agree to the waiver at the end of this submission form.
Please also note, your FBA player character must be an original character exclusive to the FBA. You will retain all owner's rights and copyrights to the character, but in order for it to be accepted, they must me unique to the FBA. (NPCs and supporting characters do not fall under this restriction at this time.) If you have any questions, please contact the committee for details. Thank you!

What is your name? *
(Actual name, not character name.) This does not have to be your legal name. You can write down your fan name, your furry name, your FurAffinity account name or any other name you wish to be identified as in the future. This name will be listed as the character's "agent" who can make decisions about the character.
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What is your e-mail address? *
Please write an e-mail address that the FBA Committee can use to contact you in case there is any issue with your submission. If this email address is determined to be invalid, this entire submission will be thrown out.
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Do you accept the 2019-2020 FBA Terms of Service? *
Click "YES" to accept the 2019-2020 FBA Terms of Service shown above. If you do not accept these terms, your candidate will not be considered.
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