7th TReND/ISN School on Insect Neuroscience and Drosophila Neurogenetics
Gombe State University (GSU), Gombe, Nigeria
Nov 13th - Dec 2nd 2017

Application deadline: 1st Sept 2017 Midnight GMT

Organised by TReND in Africa (www.TReNDinAfrica.org).

Further information: http://trendinafrica.org/activities/education/neuroscience-schools/



– All African scientists: Master students, PhD students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Group Leaders and Heads of Department.

– The course is intensive, running 6 days a week from 9am in the morning to 8pm in the evening, and requires strong involvement, motivation and drive to learn from the students.

– Only applicants from African Institutions will be accepted

– Students will be selected on the basis of their academic record and written statements concerning their interest in Insect Neuroscience and/or Drosophila Neurogenetics and how they expect to benefit from participating in the course

– There will be no attendance fee.

– All selected participants will be endowed with a grant. The grant will cover round plane ticket from a major international airport and accommodation. It will NOT cover meals.


Brief course desription:

To introduce the use of insects as powerful yet inexpensive model systems in neuroscientific research. With their comparatively simple nervous systems, tractable genetic access and low maintenance costs, Drosophila and other insects have rapidly consolidated their status as key model systems in scientific research. We will explore questions on basic research in neuroscience as well as research with important applications, such as mosquito genetics or how Drosophila can be used as a model for human diseases.

Subjects covered will range from lab maintenance and grant writing to state of the art neurogenetics, behavioural and electrophysiological research techniques.


There will be 3 subsequent sections to this application.

Section 2: Basic information
Section 3: Motivation letter and mini CV (1500 characters each). It is probably best to prepare this in advance and then just copy paste into the text boxes.
Section 4: 10 Multiple choice questions to test your prior knowledge

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