Battlefield Aussies Waiting List
If you are really looking to have a Battlefield puppy, you may fill this out to get on the waiting list. If you are putting your name on many waiting lists and can't wait until a litter or next litter is born at Battlefield, please do not put your name on this list. This is for serious buyers of Battlefield puppies only.

It takes a while to go through the waiting list to find families that match our puppies. If you are on multiple lists and simply getting on as many lists as possible and picking the first available puppy, this makes it hard for me, as well as time consuming, to find the next home for a puppy.

We also do not guarantee eye color at all. Temperament is paramount and only place by color if it matches your personality and home life. If you are more concerned about a color of a puppy over what will match your lifestyle the best, then we are not for you. Everyone wants a merle puppy and impossible to have enough merles to go around.

Lastly, we require our puppies to be on Life's Abundance products (aka food, supplements, and treats) when owning a Battlefield puppy. They have to be on this food for the first 2 years of life and can be altered at 12-15 mos, no earlier. You will get a full 6 year GENETIC hip, elbow, and eye guarantee if this is followed. We believe so strongly in this food that is one of the best products for dogs on the market and not sold in stores which will help prevent many diseases that affect these areas. We do not have a congenital or environment warranty. This is why what you feed will promote great health.
We do not guarantee patellas, because that disease can be very subjective and happen with an injury, overuse, and being overweight. In addition, excessive exercise or walking can be harmful to your puppy.

We do expect all owners to make the puppy an productive, happy, and obedient pet. Therefore, they will start with puppy classes followed by rally, then obedience. This is like sending your dog to school like children, but you actually go to school too!

You will receive a folder with information of what you can and can't do with your puppy until they are 2 year old. All puppies must attend and receive two sets of training classes, puppy socialization and obedience. Once finished, the certificate is emailed to me to complete your record of requirements.

If this is for you and you are willing to wait to get a puppy just for you, then complete this waiting for a puppy form.

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Please write just like this example: 100 Name Street, Nottacity, VA 00000 If you entire address is not present, we will not contact you. This is needed to verify that this dog will be going to where it is supposed to go if approved, as well as verifying who you are. PLEASE check spelling!
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What type of dwelling do you live in? *
What kind of lifestyle do you lead? How would the ideal puppy fit in that lifestyle? *
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What kind of puppy personality would you like to have? *
I think people have a misunderstanding what these dogs are like. The minis are vivacious and stay young with lots of character and energy. If you state you want a quiet and calm dog, then this problem not the breed for you. They are guardians and will bark. If kept unsupervised loose in your house, will chew things.
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Do you have children? What are the ages? *
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Have you had a dog before? *
Do you understand there is a lot of work involved in raising a HERDING puppy just like a baby? In fact, do you know they are extremely active and need stimulation? *
Will you continue to do performance activities with your dog like obedience, scent work, herding, rally, agility...etc or these types of training with your dog until a managed and happy dog? *
Keeping active with your dog is important with this breed. Therefore, we HOPE people who have our dogs would work to get an obedience, rally, scent, herding, etc title or simply continue training. We have see way too many rescues who are scared, unmanaged, and overweight all the time due to loose requirements to keep the dog active. You will love the dog as your dog can do a down stay for a long time until released. Sometimes that is good in a tough situation. Nervous dogs, can do a down stay to help relieve the fear. If a puppy is nipping, how do you break that during fear periods and not make him a fearful dog? Training is important. Fantastic techniques are employed and you have the power to have a happy dog and a happy family. If you are spending that much on a puppy, why not make it worth loving them more to make them a better dog?
What are your expectations of a puppy? *
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Are you aware that if you decide not to keep the puppy and surrender, the puppy MUST come back to Battlefield and no monies returned? *
No exceptions. We will help place the puppy if you can't keep it due to a family change or living situation. We understand. Our dogs will never live in a shelter, rescue, or be sold on social media.
Are you willing to come visit the puppy between 6-7 weeks and pick up at 8 weeks after we notify you we accepted your application for a puppy? *
What sex do you prefer for a puppy? *
Color is NOT a factor in placement. However, if I have more than one puppy with the same temperament that fits your family/lifestyle, color can be selected. What color do you prefer? *
Puppy pet/performance prices are between 1800- 2500. Show quality start at $2500. Are you willing to accept that purchase price? *
We require all Battlefield dogs to be feed dog Life's Abundance food, treats, and supplements? *
If all the above are good, what time of the year are you looking to purchase your next puppy? *
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Are you committed to stay with Battlefield's waiting list? Or are you going to SHOP around until a puppy is found? *
If you are shopping around, no need to complete an application. We are on FACEBOOK and update our website.
What breed are you looking to purchase? *
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