TEC #27 Team Application
1. Name *
2. Which TEC(s) did you make or what was the approximate date you were a TEC participant? *
3. What TEC(s) have you served on? *
4. Phone number (indicate home or cell) *
5. Preferred email for team communications *
6. Your Parish
7. What meditations, if any, have you given on previous TECs?
8. If you have given a meditation previously, would you be willing to help someone else to prepare their meditation as a mentor?
If YES, which one(s)
9. Please indicate by checking the appropriate box of any meeting you know you can Not attend. Keep in mind that it has been and will continue to be our policy that missing two team meetings excludes an applicant from serving as a full-time or resident team member.
10. In what areas on the Wheat Team, if any, have you served? *
11. If you are musically inclined, please list your talents and experience
12. Rate your abilities from 1 (low) to 5 (high)
Leadership *
Public Speaking *
Organization *
13. Assignments of roles, responsibilities and meditations are determined by the directing team after much prayer and discernment. Ideally it is hoped that team applicants are open to serving in whatever capacity the directors determine. As it is practical, however, there is an honest effort to honor the wishes of the applicants wherever possible.
With that said, is there anything you DON'T want to do?
“All have sinned” says the Sacred Scriptures, and we who serve on TEC retreats are no exception. Yet those team members who represent TEC before the community and mentor the candidates as table resources (TRs), speakers, or members of the Music Team are held to a high standard. They must be in full communion with the Catholic Church, attending Mass and Communion weekly, and with rare exceptions should have served as a Wheatie. Members of the Wheat Team and/or Kitchen Crew may be Catholics who are in full communion with the Church or perhaps not in full communion for a variety of reasons. These positions are also open to Christians of other denominations. A willingness to selflessly serve as a member of a committed group is the primary charism of a Wheatie. We try to honor the desires of team applicants wherever possible, but the ultimate decisions are usually made by the directors, often in consultation with the team member.
14. Please indicate by checking the appropriate box(es) the roles for which you wish to be considered. *
15. If you feel called to give a particular meditation, please check
16. Why would you like to serve on a TEC team? *
17. What would you share with candidates if you had the opportunity? (Expound please) *
18. 17. What Church activities do you participate in or have you participated in (youth/YA minister, CCD teacher, etc.)?
19. Do you have any dietary needs, or plan to fast on Die Day? Please answer, and if you plan to bring your own food please indicate. *
Team members are expected to arrive by 7:00 PM on Die Day Eve (Friday, May 22, 2020) to assist in the many tasks involved with setting up the Retreat Center unless permission is granted by the Director.
20. Is there any reason why you are unable to comply? *
The TEC weekend ends for the team when the Casa de Cursillos is restored to its pre-TEC condition and the supplies are properly inventoried and put away. Again, special permission can be granted in individual circumstances
21. Is there any reason that you need to leave early? *
Although recruiting is the responsibility of the entire TEC Community, as a practical manner it largely falls upon team members. It is expected that each team member recruits one candidate.
22. Who will you be recruiting for this TEC retreat? *
Submitting this application is evidence that you are willing to be photographed and that such photographs can be used on TEC Web sites locally and nationally.
Team Application fee: $120 due by the 3rd Team Meeting. Scholarships are not available for team members since these funds are earmarked for participants who could not otherwise attend. Exceptions can be made for team members whose services are needed on the particular TEC weekend.

Director: Evelyn Pacheco Assistant: Alex Ponce De Leon
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