2021 Alabama Junior Player Information Sheet
Tryout Registration Form
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How old will you be on July 1, 2021? *
What school will you attend NEXT year? *
Position played?
What club, team, & division did you play on last year? Ex. Alabama Juniors, 121 Power w/ Tonnie Glover
What school team did you play on this year? Ex. Thompson 8th grade *
Parent Email: (This is where we will send an email letting you know what team you made if you were placed on a team. All communication will be sent to this address) *
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Do you play any other sports that will interfere with this? If so, what? (If you make a #1 team you must be committed to 80% of all practices and tournaments including Regionals.
Items needed the day of tryouts: 1. SRVA member registration form 2. SRVA medical form 3. $75 Tryout fee if you haven't already pre-paid (all this information is on www.alabamajuniors.com) 4. Mask and personal water bottle. See you at tryouts! *
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