How can we make ÅEC 2017 even better?
We want to hear what you think -- racers, volunteers, and support crew! (Det går bra att svara på svenska!)

Thanks in advance for your input.

Scott Cole (
Henrik Weile (

See you next year.

Åre Extreme Challenge 2017
1. "Before the race" Improvements to race preparation, planning, social media, website, race info, activities leading up to the race, other?
Your answer
2. "During the race." Improvements to race course, race rules, transition areas, finish line, other?
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3. "After the race." Improvements to banquett, film, pictures, race reports, media coverage, other?
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4. One thing we could do to attract more Swedish competitors?
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5. One thing we could do to attract more international competitors?
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6. One thing you like best about the race that should never be changed?
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7. One innovative idea that you have seen at other races that might work well here?
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8. In what capacity did you participate in the event?
Any additional comments?
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