HDPA New Student Enrollment 2020-2021
HDPA is for highly motivated students who want an educational option different from a traditional school environment. It is 100% online. Only highly motivated students should consider online learning through HDPA as it requires students to be self-driven and capable of staying on top of the rigorous, self-paced learning style. If you are not a self-driven individual, this is probably not the best option for you. For younger students, online learning takes more effort and involvement from parents who will need to facilitate a great deal of the learning with regard to technology, staying on task, and completing assignments.

-- Transfer between schools can only happen at quarter breaks. (Mid-Oct, End of Dec, and Mid-March) and only ONE TRANSFER PER YEAR will be allowed..
-- Students MAY NOT PARTICIPATE in ANY Extra Curricular Activities or Programs when enrolled in HDPA
-- Failure to complete the required work within the required timeframe will result in students being dropped: (Day Three Warning, Day Six Warning, Day Ten Dropped)

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