Police Free Schools are Safer Schools: The end of policing in Vancouver schools
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Recent high-profile murders of Black and Indigenous people by police officers in both the US(1) and Canada(2) have catalyzed a much-needed public conversation(3) about systemic racism, especially anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism. Unprecedented demonstrations in major cities around the world form the backdrop to growing calls to question the role and mandate of the police(4) in our society. We owe it to children and youth to carry forward these important conversations into schools.

As parents, educators, and community members, we want schools to be places where all children and youth feel welcome, safe, and valued. We want to believe that this is already the case, but many Black, Indigenous, and racialized students and their families do not feel safe at schools where police are present. Recent research demonstrates the ineffectiveness and negative impacts of SLOs in schools. We call for the immediate end to School Liaison Officer Programs and the redirection of investments into community-led programs in schools.

Whatever we wish to be true about the police, the roots of modern policing are grounded in harm. As policing expert Robyn Maynard observes, the RCMP was created to clear the plains as part of the project of Indigenous genocide.(5) The ongoing racism and abuses of power in these institutions today is well documented.  BC has the highest rate of police-involved deaths per capita in the country.(6) Further, Indigenous and Black communities are over-represented in racial profiling and carding practices,(7) as well as in prisons.(8) In 2017, Indigenous people accounted for over 16% of street checks, despite making up 2% of Vancouver’s population, and Black people accounted for 5% of street checks, despite accounting for only 1% of the population.(9)

It is thus not surprising that SLOs are disproportionately placed in schools with more Black, Indigenous, marginalized, and low-income students,(10) who already experience over-policing. Police can enter classrooms without a teacher’s consent, and they are involved in everything from school trips to career days to clubs targeted at low-income students. Different cultural codes and normative teen behaviour such as gathering in groups is labelled as threatening or deviant by SLOs in these contexts, resulting in heightened levels of surveillance and students being labelled as “high risk” and consequently criminalized as part of the school-to-prison pipeline. The Canadian Pediatric Society recently stated that “racism is a social determinant of health that undermines adolescent development and has a profound and lifelong impact on youth and their health status.”(11) If school boards and trustees truly care about the wellbeing of all students, they must address the negative impacts that police presence in schools has on racialized students.
Take, for example, the testimony of secondary student Haleluya Hailu. As she writes in Burnaby Now: “As a black woman, as a student and, at the end of the day, just a person. Going back to my half-empty classrooms, the last thing I want to see is a RCMP officer staring back at me. If you feel reassured by a badge and a gun, that is a privilege that I wish I could have.”(12)

Given the experiences of Haleluya and other racialized and marginalized youth in BC,(13, 14)  as well as recent statements by the Canadian Pediatric Society(15) and the Toronto Board of Health(16) on the detrimental impacts of racism, we must turn our attention to the growing body of research indicating that there is no compelling evidence for the benefit of having SLOs in the public school system at all. We must also critically reflect on our priorities and values when, despite continued cuts to the educational system and the clear dangers of police presence, SLOs have steadily become permanent fixtures in the BC school system. These changes have not made our students safer. As activist and intellectual Sandra Hudson notes, “this systematic defunding of education has resulted in less teachers and counselors in school [...] Adults trained to support children and youth have now been replaced with police, who are instead meant to control students.”(17)
As we move towards a more just society, removing police from schools is a reasonable, common sense proposal that already has traction. First off, not all schools have a police presence. Of those that do, the precedent for removing police from public schools exists: the Toronto District School Board ended the police presence in schools in 2017(18) and other school districts have since followed suit.(19) In Vancouver in the same year, an Indigenous mother, Chrisse Oleman, took action with a group of concerned caregivers and community members after the Vancouver Police Department began to show up in her children’s East Vancouver school. She didn’t want police presence to be normalized in her children’s school because she knew all too well the ways in which the police have both failed to protect and harmed Indigenous people.(20) The group succeeded, and as a result, the VPD are no longer invited into the school for assemblies and community events.
Oleman encourages other parents to organize in their own school communities as well. “All too soon, our precious children will not be so cute anymore and they will be viewed as a threat, a menace, and the majority of them will begin to ‘fit a description.’” Oleman cautions that normalizing police presence in schools as a neutral force is a legitimate safety issue, and that “parents should not back down no matter what anybody says. People are going to try to put a positive spin on the situation, but we need to keep the core issue of safety in mind.”
As parents, educators, and community members, we want schools to be places where all children and youth feel welcome, safe, and valued. We thus call on you to advocate for an immediate end to School Liaison Officer programs and, in direct consultation with school communities - particularly Black and Indigenous parents and students – to create community-led programs that take a restorative and trauma-informed approach to creating safety and well-being for all students.
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Signatories (updated every 24 hours)
Stephanie Pall
Harsha Walia
Arathy Menon
Sacha Médiné / Parent
Katie Bunting / Parent
Heather Evans / Educator
Beth Thomson
Sukhleen Bains
Victoria Chen / Parent
Leilani Brown / Classroom ABA therapist
Niyousha Bastani
Tiffany Wolf / Parent
Ashley Bate
Malaika Horswill
Rupinder Sidhu / Educator
Victoria Ayers
Jaclyn Sauer
Anas Manouzi / Pediatrician - Vancouver
Sad Sara Argumedo
Samantha Zerafa / Family and child social worker
Katie Zalazar / Teacher - Burnaby School District
Sarah Reaburn / Registered Midwife and Nurse
hera chan
travis poor
Tharuna Abbu / Family Doctor
Stephen Elliott-Buckley / Parent
Katrina Topping / Counsellor in community
Katrina Wong
Yossef Alnasser / Pediatrics Doctor
Natalie Blair / Nurse
Andrea Glen / Parent
Qwisun Yoon-Potkins / VSB Community Schools Team Programmer
Aleks Besan
Alanna de la Vega / Student
James Wang / Physician
Sierra Terhoch / Ex student
Kimihiko Asami / Concerned Citizen. Engineer.
Sarah St John
Anna Ward / Educator
sarah sheridan / college student
Jill Alport / Educator
Rowena Sahota / Educator
A. D
Maryam Adrangi / Educator
Solaye Snider / Community member
Christie Bernados / Student
Jaden Dekerf / Teacher
Alisha Mohamed
Mandala Mitton / Community member
Ethel Farrales / Parent
Rosalind Sadowski / Educator in the VSB
Jenny Dent / Educator
Marco Fratarcangeli
Dianne Varga / Concerned community member
Atiya Jaffar / Concerned citizen passionate about public education
Anna Chudnovsky / Teacher
Chelsea Davis / Educator
Ruth Heran / Former VSB Trustee
Hali Tsui / Educator
Hal slaunwhite / Social worker
Shannon Dolen / Teacher
Jennifer Scott / Parent
Genevieve Monro / Parent
Phoebe Nickerson / Social worker
Dr Ken Dent MD / Grandparent
Tara Burkhardt / Parent
Meghan Byrne / Educator
Jonathan Pretty / Teacher
Tehya MacKenzie / Parent
Kyla Epstein / Parent / PAC member
Alexis Maledy / Parent
Myriam Dumont / Parent
Chrisse Oleman / Parent
Paige McKenzie
David Cowling
Kylaj bourbonnais / Educator and parent
Alysha Seriani / Artist Facilitator, have worked in schools such as Nightingale, QA, Nootka, Xpey', and grandview elementary schools; also britannia, van tech, and windermere secondary schools
Robin Kungle / Parent
Rami Katz
Rowan Shafer / Teacher
Sondra Petrus
Gabriel Epstein / Grandparent of student
Alysha Reid / Educator
Kate Zisman
Len Guenther / Tenant organizer, researcher and writer
Vanessa Corby / Parent and youth worker
Jalini / Youth worker
Susanna Quail / Parent
Julie Colero / Educator
Lisa Slater / Parent
Angela Brown / Educator
Jess Gueta
Denise Valdecantos
Hailey Mah
Euan Chow
Kyle Mallinson / Parent
Martin Borch
Katie Cooper-Smith
Gordon Prugh
Zoe Luba
Quvi Taylor / Registered Nurse
Susan McIntyre
Angela Nee / Parent
Emily Wilson
Sozan Savehilaghi
Sean Wintroath / Vancouver Resident
Miranda Van Camp / Educator
Sara Blanchard / Parent
Thi Vu / Parent
Ryan Peters / Teacher
Nassim Elbardouh / Educator- Parent
Doug MacDougall / Youth Worker
Sophie Elliot
Madison Ebel
Natasha Bailey / Parent
Meaghan MacLean / Youth healthcare worker
Tamara Herman / Parent
Megan Vis-Dunbar / Parent
Josh Rose
Hailey Dash / Student
Donna Antonio
Beth Breisnes / Parent
Rowan B / Education
Maisaloon Al-Ashkar
Jessana Born
Ben Joslyn / Parent
David Butler / Teacher
Emily Rees
Francis dela Cruz
Afifa Hashimi
Sean Wintroath / Vancouver Resident
Gizel Gedik / Student
Holly Clarke / Teacher Candidate
Christine rondeau
Bahar Torabi / Physician
Nisha Platzer
Julia Soderholm / Educator
TJ Tupechka / Community educator
Rachel Sheinin / Teacher
Lia Hood
Todd McBride
Kate Henderson
Michelle Nicholson / Parent
Ajay Brach
Lyle Hopkins / Educator
Sarah Nayana Filkow / Parent
Wendy Naava Smolash, PhD
Ruby Smith Díaz / Educator
Keith Miller / Educator
Lisa Prentice
Kevin Matheson / Library Worker CUPE 391
Michelle Martin
Setareh Mohammadi / Youth worker, educator, nutritionist & wellness consultant
Sydney Jackson
Kenneth Bitgood / Parent
Aneesa Hashimi / Student
David Cowling
Suzanne Nievaart / Parent
Kendra Pacilla
Sara Kendall / Medical Doctor and BC Ambulance Paramedic
Emily Guerrero / Parent
Evan Hsieh
Ashley Britz / Educator
Karen L
Amanda Rekunyk / Youth worker
Sheelah McLean / Educator
Margaret Mitchell
Cassandra Naymie
Sarah McKnight / Parent
Kristina Ann Casper-Denman / Educator
Carolyn Veldstra, PhD / Parent
Naomi Lynn
Claire Jackson / Youth worker and concerned citizen
Andres Aguilar
Kasim Husain, PhD / Parent
Mackenzie Konecny
Aysha Yaqoob / Teacher
Chelsie palmer
Erica Hardwick
Sobey Wing / Youth advocate with Youth Passageways
Lisa Descary / Teacher
Sydney Emo
JoAnna Rickard
Laura Civica / Educator
Nicole Kief / Parent
Amy Kiara Ruth
Robert Vipond
Mo Pareles / Parent
Wagna Celidon
Mark Cunningham / Education Assistant
Cara Wilkie / Parent
Mutya Macatumpag / Youth worker
Navi Dasanjh / Social Worker
Tobias Bernstein
Sean Orr / Writer
Nat Lowe
Fred Norman / Addiction counselor
Heather Kelley / Teacher SD 36
Irina Kosoric
Rosemary Hu / community member
Virginia McConchie / Social Worker
Erika Thompson / Educator
Sofie Milito / student
Lindsay Sy / Parent
Danielle Makayla Alvarez / Student
Jayce Salloum / artist
Maxwell Smith / Former Special Ed Student
Mariam Hazhir
J.P. Pascual
Nancy Lee
Megan Morrow
Taz Soleil
Ian Nakamoto
Andie Lloyd / Artist & Activist
Jeremy zupp
Jade Ho / Educator
Rachel Cheang / Student
Scooter Corkle
Eric Proulx / educator
Christine McKinnon / educator
Ashley Bentley / Educator- higher Ed
olivier Reeves
Jannie Leung
Elizabeth Hodgson / Vancouver resident & educator
Cormac O’Dwyer / Student
Suzanne Lee
Kelly McInnes / Youth Worker
David Lee / Teacher
J.P. Pascual
Noni Nabors / Community member and organizer with Our Time Vancouver
Lindsey Agnew
Annie Ng
Rachel Nitura
Aziz Ahmed
Divya Bhantooa / Student
Amanda Anderson
Susan Ruzic
janani ravikularam
Alison Atkinson / Teacher and parent
Amanda Cantelon / Teacher/parent
Alexandra Chen
Samuel Couture / Teacher
Sharen Manhas  
Kira Froese
Kivanah Zion Bull
Elise Barber / Social worker
Max brown / Parent
Daniel poulter / Parent of student, parent of former student, former student
Lola Mendez
Jennifer Delainey / Parent
Anaam Zahra
Morgan Delainey / student
Emma B
Jotika Samant / Youth Worker & Therapist
Chloe Makepeace / Teacher
Ricky Castanedo Laredo / Educator
Mei-ling Wiedmeyer / Parent
Cora Yiu
Tess DesRochers
Brian Gauer
Jasneet Samra
Dyane tolentino / Student
Helena Krobath / Artist/Educator
Ray Zhang / Student
Azuka Nduka-Agwu
Andrea Actis / Educator
Sol Trickey / Parent
Claire Brown
Julie Bogle
Larissa Nelsom
Azzah Ahmad / Parent
Jay Bagasbas
Alana Dunn / Parent
Onami Lee-Hem / Parent
Alysha Birdi
Giovani Mondragon / Student
Aaron Read / Community member
Eva Roskelley
Alisa De Couto
Lindsay Sy / Parent
Dyane tolentino / Student
Gina Harms
Matthew McBride / Educator
Chloe McKnight / Teacher
Kathleen Forrester
Marlene Pyykko
Alex Batko / Parent
Stephania Domingo
Sera Bao / Student
Elizabeth Rush / Teacher
Cynthia Minh
Gillian Jerome / Parent, educator
Emma Preston / Family physician
Sandy Manj / Citizen
Jaren Pacsa / Student
Athena Affan / parent
Jat Malhi / Parent
Adrienne Neill / parent
Julia Mcdougall / Educator
Liv C Marken / Aunt of middle school student in Vancouver
Kathleen Lehan / educator
Debora Gordon / Parent
Esther Chang
Pinensikwe La Vallee
Sabrina Gaspar
Loulou Chayama
Mariko Molander
Kim Ke
Irina Kosoric
Winnie Kwan
Jane Shi / Writer
Ozwald McGuire
Craig Poulter
Carly Armstrong
Usman Mushtaq / Youth Worker, Parent
Molly Johnson
Aretha Munro
Corin Browne / Educator
Alisha Davidson
Karine Ng / Educator
Cathy Foster / Education Assistant
Teresa McDowell / Parent
Amber Louie / Registered Clinical Counsellor
shauna paull / poet/educator
Charlotte Hewson / Education Assistant
Kirsten Hagemoen / Sign Language Interpreter and aunt
Ian Hosein
Dave Evans
Karina czyzewski / Sw
Tiffany Anderson / Teacher
Jason Sokolowski / Parent
Tom-Pierre Frappe-Seneclauze
Amanda Adams / Educator
Donna Antonio
Savannah Howard / Teacher candidate
Kiran Sidhu / Teacher
Phebe Ferrer
Piper Curtis
Harjap Grewal / student advocate / policy advisor
Kendra Matthews / Auntie
Elizabeth Jenkins
Lauren Sundstrom
Heather Sparks / Alumni
Sean Wintroath / Vancouver Resident
Thomas Cole
Tiziana La Melia / Artist, educator
Harlo Martens
Heather Lamoureux / educator
Clara Brunet
Sarah Bakke
River Miller
Kaela Perkins / Concerned Member of the Community/ Indigenous Student
Tyson Storozinski / Student
Anna Bulford
Caleb Kramer
Jennie Duguay
Diana Lerner / Community member
Lori Dagg / parent
Becky Higgins
Teresa Stenmark
Shadab Hortamani / Student
Elijah Stone
Ben Marsh
Raphael Tischler
Gabby Doebeli
Spencer Curtis
Ila Zbarsky
Angela Davies
Nicole Johnston
Faye Mallett
Leora Paradise / Community member
Joey Charles / student
Holly Silveiro
Leah Gies / Student Support Worker for VSB
Leor Laniado / Youth worker
Bronwyn Lewis / Educator
Sophie Brassard
Brigitte May / Youth Volunteer
Carmel Laniado / Social Work Student
Danica Black
Madison Slobin / educator & youth worker
Luke Branson
Kathryn Stewart / Parent
Eleni Groumoutis / Educator
Cora Yiu
Mariah Gillis
Alyssa Gonzalez / Youth Counsellor
Saya Kim / Student
Soledad Muñoz / Cultural creator
Nuria Marti
Leora Paradise / Community member
Isaac Louie / Teacher
Sarah Maitland / Youth worker, educator, parent
Evan Hulse / Teacher
Emily Zaporozan / former student
Pietro Sammarco / mentor, education coordinator, parent
Ila Zbarsky
Erica Isomura / Community member / former youth worker
shavonne clark
Anthonia Ogundele / Parent/Vancouver Resident
Kathryn Shaver
Steven Watt
Annett Mehlhorn / Parent
Shyama Das / Anesthesia Resident Physician
Alistair Jensen / Student
Jae Woo Kang
Clae Brown / student
Cassandra Florio
Naia Lee / Student
Trevor Mazurek
Pablo de Ocampo / Parent of a VSB student
Kathleen Hepburn / Filmmaker, educator
Clara Dubber
Amanda Martel
Rachel Nitura
Iman Baobeid
Claire Balderston
Bryan Green Educator
Jess Dorey Parent
Lindsay Wynne
Allison Neill
Diandra Oliver / SFU GEOGRAPHY
skyla barahona / support worker
Jane Wong
Laura Patte-Danis / Educator
Eric Han
Liz Stanton
Sara Hudson / Parent
Mario Parent / Youth worker
Christian Pollock / Community member
Alexander Cru,
Brettley Mason / Healthcare worker
Becki Brinacombe / Big sister / former youth integration worker
Angeli dela Rosa
Kiera Forrest / Social worker
Reyna Villasin
Hayley Guyn / Nurse
Zoe Schwartz
Vivian Lin
Nicole Osborne / Student
Anna Ward / Educator
Judah Cook / Student
Raenelle Isley / Family Support Worker/Parent
Adrienne Gruber / Educator and Parent
Tom Whalen
Angel Papa / Student
Steffanie Ling
Brittney Appleby / Student
Madison Compagna / Past student
Kat Picton / Student
Max Hill / Youth worker
Emma Hs
Paul Lukachinski-Mendoza
Bunny Wilder / parent
Ajit Bains / Parent
Patty Osborne / Grandparent
Jessica Nguyen / Student
Pari Langaroodi / Student
Hannah Campbell
Hanan Elbardouh / Parent
Mohamad Elbardouh / Parent
Ajit Bains / Parent
syr reifsteck
Jeylan Bisbop
Lottie Gurvis
Daelyn Lester-Serafini
Amanda Anderson
Aili Meutzner / Library Worker
Cole Howard / Concerned, but hopeful, Vancouver resident.
Jill Laxamana / parent
Kaleb Morrison / Mental Health Worker
Megan Beveridge
Sara Wylie
Christie Mahovlich-Little / Registered Clinical Counsellor, BCACC; concerned parent and former VSB Special Education Assistant
Elise Vredenbregt
Aurelie Lesueur
Jesse Marchand / Expecting Parent
Lauren Crawford
Lillian Fong Hoon / Concerned citizen
Andrea Fernandez
Aya Garcia / Parent
Ian Nakamoto
Kenzie Pascoe
Colleen / Student/ educator
Tereza Tacic
Carrie Bercic / Parent, Former VSB School Trustee
Emma Postl
Jayne Simpson / Youth Counsellor
Alexander Rosin
Ji-Youn Kim / counsellor
Karen Liebel
Naisha Khan
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson
Vanessa Lefebvre / Teacher
Jennifer macLeod / Charity Co-founder works in schools
Kaitlin Ptolemy
Ryan Nickel
Lindsay Pilkey
Jennifer Perutka
Karina Hamman / Citizen
Christina MacKay
Eman Demmans
Lauren Byrne
Noelle Jones
KateLyn Mantei
Nola Wong
Madeline Askwith
Justin Alm / Concerned citizen
Janine Hayes
Mikaela Bacon / Student
Feven Tesfay / Student
Sarah Green / Parent/educator
Ariel Ward / Parent
Anna Donesa / Teacher
Stephanie Chan / Parent
Leila Meshgini
Bronwen McEvoy-Morie
Chloe Sjuberg
Jessica Thorburn / Parent
Jeff Thorburn / Parent
Jenny rush cooper
mia susan amir / Parent, Educator, Theatre Maker
Amani boyer
Christina Pham
Bradley Moore
Holly Watson
Karin Roslee
Bryce Stewart / Concerned citizen
Ezra Robens-Paradise / Former Student
Kerstyn Edey
Kerria Gray / Teacher
Cecile C.
Anita Shen / Student
Matilda Haliburton
Jane Harrison / Member of the Vancouver Arts Community
Melissa Alves
Jacklyn Scodellaro
Lee Demmans
Stefanie Di Giovanni
Emilie Henderson / Parent/educator
Kyanna Cox / student
Tavleen Purewal
Jackie Hoffart / College staff
Gosia Juszkiewicz / Parent
Natalie Boorman
Karla Lottini / Mother, educator, writer
Siarrah Kane
Teresita Aristizabal
April Ternida
Monique Levesque / Future Parent
Eleanor Wearing / Community Member
Mona Fani / Media Artist/ Future Educator
Ace Golliher
Allison Harker / Concerned citizen
Nicole Verma
Lisa Fabbro
Maya Goodwill / Former student
Lauren Rice / Student
Jane Lew / Former VSB student, peer educator
Rhys Snaydon
Charlotte kennedy
Mona Stilwell / Parent
Larisa McNeil
Laura Huynh / Parent
Mauve Pagé / parent
Evan Morien
Billie Schultz / Youth Worker
Kellen Jackson / educator
Marina benitez
Matthew Asaminew
Munisha Tumato / Parent
Madeleine Young
Gray Lihou
Sophie Jarvis
Katie Yokota
Amanda Hill / Educator and parent
Meredith Lucy Bogle / Resident
Irene Karoutsos / Parent
Chloe Dean / Student
Emma Gray / Student
Luke De Guzman / Student, future educator 😌
Kimberley Constable / Parent
Claire Anderson / educator and parent
Kaitlyn Herlehy / Childcare Worker
Bruna Arbex
Preet Lidder / Educator
Sydney Ball / VSB employee
Lael Sleep / Educator
Anna Swanson
Micaela Malone
Kylé McPhedran / Parent
Brian Gauer
Rowena Ren
Emily Smith / Parent
Megan Gilron / Comprehensive Sexual Health Educator
nathalee paolinelli / parent
Tia McLennan / Born and raised in Vancouver. My father was a highschool teacher and now I am.
Maciel Pereda / Paediatric Speech-Language Pathologist
Shelby Holmes / Former student
Willow Mainprize
Sydni Thorpe / Educator
Hannah Lewis / Parent
Rachel Flood / Parent/Consultant
Angela Fitzgerald / Educator
Dr Giselle Lefebvre ND / Parent, Naturopathic Physician
Chelsea Bean
Katie Cubitt
Ashley / Community member
Lilah Fitzgerald / Teen
Jaeny Geneta / Student
Nour Kachouh / Anti-violence worker
Elan Fortin-Eglitis
Jessica Hart / Citizen
Jamie Myrah / Parent
Bethany Mayne
Jaden Critchlow / student
Kay Higgins
Jaidyn fox / Student
Emily Jean Leischner / graduate student and educator
Henry Mah / Actor/Life Coach
Erin Flegg
Rebecca Low / Parent
Melissa Slezic / Parent
Daryn Wright / Mentor with Writers Exchange, former Making Contact mentor
Lilli Clark
Lilah Fitzgerald
Pietro Sammarco / youth mentor, education coordinator, parent
Anaïs Forest-Cooter
Maneesa Sotheeswaran / Student and youth worker
Lynda Schmit / Teacher
Kelly Cubbon
Jenn McDermid
Yvan Boily / Parent
Justine Beaulieu / guidance counsellor
Emma Ettinger / Youth Worker
Marys Dougans / Vancouver Resident
Tammy Bannister / Youth Educator, Non-profit Sector
Sarah Heron
Elena Plotnikoff
Michael Morpurgo / Parent
Laura Herridge / post secondary student
Will Alvarez / Racialized person who completed K-12 in Canada
Ella Fetherstonhaugh / Student
Venay Felton / Parent, grandparent, educator
Timika Hogan / Parent. Ex: student
Dayandra Elrod
Alex Holdcroft / Future counsellor
Anusha Balram / Parent
Joy Russsell
Sarah Young
Andrea Lofquist / parent
Charlie Sandeman
Mei Ling Kwok / Student
Tara Browman / Parent
Bahar Mohazabnia
Chris Vance parent
Leslie Wang
Kath Gear / Chambers Student/Vancouver community member
Diana Doty
Stacey West
Maggie Milne Martens / parent and educator
Anouska Kirby
Spencer Garvey
Alexandra Hewitt
Simran Wright
Vanessa Fernando / Social Worker
Magín Payet Scudellari
Kelly Sherstobitoff / Citizen
Shanthi Besso / Parent / Educator
Jordan Wuest / Early Childhood Educator
Erin Frizzell / Parent
Becca Schwenk
Cole McBride / Educator
Rebecca wong / Student
Jane Bouey / Former School Board Trustee
Laura Benson / Parent in Burnaby
Maria Melititskaya / Counsellor
Jessica Lenihan / Medical Social Worker
Jeryn Bennett / Indigenous Mother
Felix Gilliland
Wyatt Sjoberg-Fox / Student
Nicole johnston
Meghan Fulton
James Lafazanos
Erin Clarke / Parent
Elizabeth Farquharson / Family development worker
Kendra Bohl / College Student
Angela Nee / Parent and Volunteer
Sarah Johnson
Kristin Cheung
Kaitlyn Christensen / Student
TJ Tupechka / Community educator
Emily Hindalong / Software Engineer, Vancouver resident
Iver Smith
James Lauder Marsden / Former educator
Sophie Roberge
Fahmy Baharuddin / Harm reduction organization manager
Ashley Silzer
Molly Harris / Former student
Myles Black
Anamarija Josipovic
K. Ho / community member
Terri Taylor / resident/parent
Simrit Sanghera / Student
Jade doolan
Sejal Lal
Zoe Miles / Parent
Marni bowman
Paige Harvey / Concerned Citizen
Amalia Nickel / Youth counsellor
Stacey Sellars
Lydia Sarra / Mother of two
Sacha Gingras-Fox / Parent
Vanessa Brown
D. Lee / Educator
Sean Phipps / Teacher Candidate
Kim Nipp
Meriah Main / Former Student School Support Worker, now RN
Alysha Dwyer / Community member
Sylvester Tallow
Arielle Spence
grey aigéan / Parent
Caitlin Chang / Concerned Torontonian
Rebecca Cuttler
Jak McIntosh
Randeep Dhatt
Petra hartley
Sandra Mathison / educator, parent
Emily Knox
Monica Pearson / Parent
Michael V Smith / University Professor
Maddy Kipling / Parent/Daycare operator/Youth Worker
Lauren smart
Jennifer Malcolm / parent
Alleris Gillham
vanessa richards
callum mackenzie chandler / Youth
Zenith Bose
Kaymi Yoon-Maxwell
Carly Ryan / Registered Nurse
Matthew Inglis / Healthcare Worker
Tara Hill / Parent
Willow Leach
Dawn Brinkman / parent
Alex Kuhlman
Ryan Roque
Jessica S
Karen Tsang / Parent, DPAC Executive
Jennifer Neale / Parent
Christina Jacob
Mehr Ansari
Kaitlyn Ulmer / student
Adrienne Lindsay / Parent
Jeanine Longley / Community Member / Former Vancouver Student
Adrienne Figliuzzi / Educator
Marlee Laval
Emily Crowder / Parent
Angela Leung
Alexander Keurvorst
Catherine Morency / Parent
Kristen Gilbert / educator
Emily Simpson / Parent/post-secondary educator
David Fleming / Parent
Isha Rajvanshi
Lily Cryan / ArtStarts Staff - work in tandem with educators
Effy Goldfarb
Ben Ger
Irina Kosoric
Karen Forsyth / Community member
Rekha Pavanantharajah / ArtStarts in Schools
Yuliana Bui / Parent
Leah Horlick / Artist in the school system
Ashley Bowes
Devora Laye / Childcare Provider / Auntie
Toni Latour / Parent and professor
Barbara Otoo
keaton farquhar / student (future teacher)
Lizz Allardyce
Dr. Katherine Dunster / Educator
Tae Whitehouse / Student
Caelen Reader
Angela Harrington
Andrea Thompson
Jonathan Kew
Brianne Fung / Educator
Hermann Boris FOTSING TALLA / Educator
Jamie Harper
Hania Templeton / student
Marianne secrest / Future teacher
David Gutiérrez Torres
Violetta Macrì
Keri Guelke / Parent of VSB students
Bella Au / Parent
Breanne Dirk
Kailyn Humenny
Lea Anderson / Educator
Danielle Wong / Educator
Hana Gorgec
Riley Willson / student
Sarah Moniz de sa
Ferin Willms / Parent, youth worker
Neelam Sidhu
Marina Johnston
Lizzy Jogia
Corey Snelgrove
Tatyana Beck
Devon Francis
Jordan Kendall / student
Ingrid Turk / parent
Irina Ceric / Educator
Amy Maunsell
Claire Johnson / Concerned citizen
Isabel Bremner / Student
Ayla sullivan / Anti-violence worker
Simon Panitpakdi-Jones / Student
Kiran Thind
Jonathan Cook / Community member
Braden Yamamoto
Wendy Gagnon
Jocelle Refol / sibling
Aurele Gagnon
Peter Petkovich / Parent
Catherine Campos
Maryem DIA
Kristie Paton
Zachary Williams
Raine Paterson
Devin Rutledge
Nikki Scott
Monique Evans
Maria Wong
Michal Rozworski / BCTF researcher
Jenna Thygesen
Hayley Bouchard
Lee Martin / Student
Julie Row / Parent
Balneet brach / Parent
Brittany Morris
Colin Birge / Vancouver community member
Brynn Lavery
Andrea Regimbal / Parent
Savina Dhillon / Student
Georgia Hume
Jessica Avery
Emily Johnson / Organizer
Geoffrey Morrison
Alex Korotchenko
Brit Bachmann / arts administrator
Makoto Wakabayashi
Jason Myatt / Student
Amy Mawdsley
Andy Shirlaw
Ursula Ellis / parent
emma seeley / student
Arlen Tom / VSB employee
Caitlyn Spence / DTES Mental Health Worker
Ekat Barrios / Student
Penny Kerrigan / Parent
Gail Harmer / Great Auntie
Haley Howatson / Community Member
Jackie Foster
Moumy Mbacké / Vancouver resident
Michelle La / SFU grad student, Vancouver resident
Alison Morris / Parent & educator
Meregon Kiddo
Craig Stewart / believer in sense
bethany schiedel / parent
Brianna Price
Danielle Parish / Education Policy Advisor
Jai Sanghera
Emily Conacher
Adrienne Hurley / educator
Emily Smiciklas
Kevin Bourne
Lucy Wittrup
Sophie Smit
Emma Laviolette / University Student
Sarah Krahn
Jehannine Austin
Gary Gerbrandt
Caitlin Livingston / Parent
Liana McBride / Student
Manjot Bains / Community member and aunt of a student
Samita Manhas
Rhonda Anderson
Omri Haiven
Kristen Joy-Correll
Jalini Paramsothi / Youth worker
Alyse Graham / Educator
Kat Kott
Veronica Stanford / Community member
Leah Shipton
Robyn Kurtz / Parent
Charlotte L
Eva Fernandez / Youth worker
Stephanie Janyk / Aunt and concerned citizen
Ashley Funk
Alissa Danilkiewicz / Concerned citizen
Rachel Victor
Robyn Maynard
Jennifer Kim / parent
Sarah Iwakabe / Parent
Damla Tamer / Educator and parent
Heather Vince
Stephanie Frigon
Noah Iwakabe / Student
Jessica Beach / Parent
Christine Read
Abeer Yusuf / Concerned citizen, potential future parent
Angela Bailey / Student
Krystal Paraboo
Jennifer Thi
Juliana de Medeiros
Krystal Paraboo
Krystal Paraboo
Holly Christiani
Valentina Pagetto / Student
Sara Cadeau / Trauma and family worker
Melissa Ko / Student
Martha Bull
Heather Toffanello
Jessica Jacobson / Parent
Eugene McCann
Britt Bragg
Madison Dusome
Taijah O'Meally / student
Lisa Marr / Educator
Chad Jones / Education Support Worker
Paolo Davanzo / Educator
Tammy Dukes / Student
Ishmam Bhuiyan / Alumni
Alexandra Hollingshead / Auntie
Angela Rivard
Reagan Belan
Jaime Cabrera
Devon Arbuthnot
Miles Justice
Lucy Falkner / Parent
Nazlie Najafi / Alumni of VSB
Y Vy Truong / Library Worker
Jiyoon Ha
Sophie Reiner / Community member
Elizabeth Wellwood / Community member
Dr. Egla Martinez / Educator
Kelly Rose
Ryan Bird / Parent
Piper Fjellgaard / Parent
Jerako Wendt / parent
Fraser Wendt / parent
Mauricio Trujillo
Debby Reis
Brendan Law
Daniel Sarah Karasik
Clara Gatien
Cameron White / Parent
Karen Athwal
Jasmine Veark
Sue Baines
Leah Thompson / Student
Jason Kurtz
Kano Major
Devika Ramkhelawan / Social Worker
Hafsa Echikr / Community Worker
Lisa Wu / Youth worker
Heather Mark
Melanie Shields
Lavanya Huria
Theresa Grabowski
Naomi Armstrong
Alan Chen / Youth
Mike McGhee / Parent
Addie Veniot
Jessica Li / Student
Raven Ann Potschka / Cultural Program Director/Wellness Counselor
Keegan Myers
Nathan Crompton / VANDU
Krish Dineshkumar
Jill Doye / Parent
Camille Noullett
Anne-Mette Hermansen / Parent
Amanda Allodi
Rowena Sahota / Teacher
Zoe Le Good / Parent
Priya Conatser
Alison Braid
Matina Pun
Streisanne Suter
Jessie Russell
Shannon Strachan / Registered Nirse
Marcia Cubbon / Student Teacher
April Keller-MacLeod
shauna paull / poet/educator
Sara Nelson / Parent
Bree Hayden / Parent
Lauren Dey
Kirsten Dougans
Nicolas Sassoon
Katie Fitzpatrick / Educator
Abby Walker / Student
Melody Sizer
Aurora Buckman
Anne Ling
Mieka Bradley
Jasmine Peachey / Teacher Candidate
Zena Sharman / parent
Kirby Pickard / RN
Sharon Milewski
Lili Robinson / Community member
Irene Kim / Student
Jenna Hassan
Lisa Sim / Community Member
Madeline nachbar
Pearl Low
Claire McCormick
Joseph Stilwell
Hunter Clark / Student
Ian Taylor / student
Millie Soh / Student
Eden Timm / concerned citizen
Margaret Odari
Brittany Chapman
Rachael Hall
Keely Mills / Parent
Colin Huard
Gabriella Orellana / Student
Amy Bian
Sam kaplan / Counsellor
TJ Graham / Student
Kaitlin Sutherland
Emily Hogan
Jim Miller
Nat Heaman / community member
Charlie Roberts
Maria Michelle Hanley
MaryAnne Bowen / Teacher and Artist
Jessica Mitchell
Alec Yin
Shelley Johnson
Joni Louie
April A.
Nikolas Reda
Amanda Morgan
Brianna Mau
Alex Nicholls
Chad Wilson
Nevena Rebic / Graduate Student
Rita Wong / educator
Shadi Hortamani / Post-secondary student/ therapist
Sachin Teng
Shireen Soofi / Social worker
Jean-Michel Oblette / educator
Chris Norris-Jones
Jada Fulcher
Elizabeth Kerschbaumer / Former Student (SD40)
Sam Robinson
Rabbit Richards
Quin Lawrence / Educator
Julianne Spencer
Katie Gibbons / Student Support Worker
Vivian Ha
Thomas Bircea
Virginia Hernández-Chavez / student
Alice Andrade / Student
Jordana Robinson
Amelia Valera / Student
Shannon Daub
Kristin Street
Marion Lefevre / Poet
Kami Kaler
Matt Anderson
Alicia Chi
Veronica Jones / Youth worker
Ray Han / Student
Paramjit K Kaler
Robyn Pekar
Aaron Hanchuk
Marita Michaelis
Brendan Scott
Katy Exton
Sean Hallaren
anita rempel / parent
Bug Cruickshank
Jack H Spencer
Victoria Tran
Jade Zhang
Christina Wilson / Parent
Georgia Dow
Kaylyn Driscoll / BI/support worker
Angelica Stanco / Child Care Worker
Salima Ladha
Kathryn Wong
Shoukia van Beek / educator
zoe student
Kyle Minnie
Laura Arboleda
Olivia Reyna
Avery Alder / mother of two
Laurelin Au / Educator
Sharnelle Jenkins-Thompson / Social Worker
Chelsea Demchuk
Alex Bezeredi
Mostafa Hagar / Student
Harper Keenan / Professor - UBC Faculty of Education
Micheal Peterson / Counsellor
Lauren Nelson
Joanna Ellithorpe / Student
Lina Shokry / Tutor
Tamara Yang
Lexi Shinde
Alison Krahn / Former teacher
Lauren Mayhew
Samantha Nock
Ariella Barmash / Former student
David Dovey
Kathryn Jones / Parent / educator
Seb carter
Sarah Jane / graphic designer
Caitlin Lucas / Teacher
M. Murayama
Michelle Cyca / Urban Indigenous Peoples' Advisory Committee, City of Vancouver
Gabriel Waite
Eva Joensuu / Educator
Neve Ostry Young
Megan Cosens / Parent
Connie Quayle / Teacher
Deniz Erenguc
Ljudmila Petrovic
Jennifer Clark
Apollo Martin Miao / student
Denise Miller
Billie Rose Clark
Emily Hayward
Kayla Miller
Emily Quan
Elodie Jacquet / Parent
John Sales / Former student
Keon Smith
Sara Yuen / Parent
Cheryl Noon / Teacher
Mary Mary Broeders
Carly Dorfman / Support worker
Moneca Chowdhury / Community member
Imogen Sirluck-Schroeder
Jessica Adamson
Katie Bruyneel / Student
Abigail Taggart
Samantha Christianson
Margaret Massini
Lauren Crossfield
Chris Livingston, BSc, BEd / Educator
archie nagel / community member
Caitlin Gallupe
Jenny Tindall / Student
Shay Loo
Zakir Suleman
Sarah Chapman
Evangeline Downey / Chair Descendants African Americans Living In Nova Scotia
Akeisha de Baat
Anita Wong
Ian Spence
Harrison Johnston
Justine Harris-Owen / Student
Leah Turner / Educator
Lydia Phillip
Ethan Daniel Malcolm
Sophie Garnett / student
Sabrina Webb
Changich Baboth / student
Mara Kerr / educator
Micaelan Cheyne
Stephanie Waine
Elsie Bermudez / Educador
Lizbeth Ramos
romham pàdraig gallacher
S. Ewart / Parent
Maria Marcakis
Joel Hagstrom
Chloe Riley
Erin Seatter / Parent
Emily Beam / parent
Tavie Johnson / Student
Adom Jeffers / Parent
Nery García
Stevie Jackson / Citizen
Amy Childs / Parent
Rebekah Nathan / Educator
Erin Breier
Nicole Dent
Michelle Erdeniz / Concerned community member
Maya Simpson
Yasmeen Saleem / student
Anushka Bhardwaj / student
Melanie Marsh / Parent
Alison McLeod
Alessia Kettlitz
Jagdeep Raina / Teacher
Imaan himid
Roya Shahidi
Kenneth Beaton
Justinne Ramirez / Community member
Annie Ngiyen
Emma Chartrand / Parent
David Huxtable / former educational assistant
Kevin Millsip
Ran Goins / Student
Kurtis Peters / Parent
Aly de la Cruz Yip / community-engaged artist and child caregiver
Hala Abdel-Azeem
Emilia Kiester
Eric McGlashan / Former resident of West Point Grey, concerned citizen
Molly McKenzie
Alexa Schiess / Resident of Burnaby
anita vu
Marsha Rosales
Sobey Wing / youth advocacy
Sam Alder / Uncle
Meagan Black
Kate Shannon / Parent
Andy Moldwin
Sara Young
Serena Jackson / Gladstone graduate, future teacher
Charles Madre
Micah Tareski / Student
Caroline Ghaznavi / Parent
Claudia  Sjoberg / Parent, non-profit board member, educator
Sophie Saudan
Teena Aujla / Parent
Irving Lau
Amanda Jane Barnard
Hanna Jarrett
Grace Yang
Patty Young / parent
Joy Yoo
JoAnna Rickard / ECE Student/Teacher
R. Haluk Erenguc / Parent
Angela Morrison
Margie Sanderson / Child and youth rights advocate
Jarika Winfield / Human - demanding safety, not guns. Wtf?
Jess Stewart-Lee
Debby Reis
Christine J Lavosky
Nathaniel Breen / Student
Amber Astrope
Kathy Scull / parent
Megan Low
Yasmine Harper
Darlene Swanson
Iris Robin
Tim Citizen
Danica Eakins
Abby Shumka / Parent
Kathryn alder
Abby Potter / Student
Roxanne Sproule / Articling student
Carla Samra / Parent
Jasre Ellis
Eli Keats / Community Worker
Rita Fei
Erin Peters / Parent and student support worker
Andrew Mead
Christine Marie / Clerk
Erica Johnson
Kiké Roach / Educator, Ryerson
Kay Gabriel / educator
Lisa Wong / Youth worker
Dionne Co
Rebecca Danen / Youth Services
Raquel Park
Lexi Mellish Mingo / Former student
Siling Zhang / citizen
Jen Efting / Parent
Kim McKay / Parent
Erin Prelypchan
Divya Nanray
Megan Smolik
Max Hiscox
Sam Anderson / community member and future parent
Nathaniel Moher
Julia Schertzer / Behaviour Consultant
Marnie L. Milgaard
Russell Copley
Niasha Drydgen / Community Member
Melissa Swann
Cassy Ivankovic
Elizabeth Malcolm
Tamara Brown
Kody Audette
Conor Lorimer / Educator
Kennedy Humphrey
Joy Rowe / Voter
Susi Porter-Bopp / Parent
Alanna Fretter
Jodie Gauthier / Parent
Melissa Roach
Usman Majeed / Parent
Josie Johnston
Mildred German
Jennifer Metcalfe / Parent
Suzanne Baustad / Parent / Grandparent
Emily CowN / Future educator
Hélène Frohard-Dourlent
Michael Rozen Artist
Jaydee F
Aidan Whiteley
Andrea Glickman / Parent
Magie Ramirez / parent
Brandy Olway
Xun Zhang
Courtnay Maclellan
Lorin Fordyce
Christopher Leinonen
anson lin
Asha Nygra
Amanda Dorter
Anne Olsen
Eimear O’Leary-Barrett
Nicole Spencer / Public health dietitian
Jeremy McElroy
kayl doble
Lauren Dinwoodie
Jude Fitch
J b / Teacher
Elsie Millar / Student
Henry Guinn / Student
Amy Russell
Vanessa Osborne
Juliette Mollard Thibault / Former student, older sister of current student
Kim Grewal Student
Lorenzo Ignacio
Ashpreet Thind
Sandy Bauer
Em Ludington / Educator, MEd. student, artist
Serene Mitchell / Graduated VSB student
Matthew Schroeter
Sasha Burgundy
Dana Cachero / student
Riley Hancock
Haley Osborne / Parent
Samantha Fogel
Zoe Dagneault / parent
Sarah Karsten
Oliver Kollar / Educator
Nicole Sampson
Sophie Pritchard / Student
Lizzy DuGuay
Mike Mauseth / Disabled
Jamie Do
Rook Locheed
Natalie Wong
Richie Ocean
Nicola Henderson
Rachel Carlson
Jody Polukoshko / Teacher
Thea Copeman-Haynes
Jennifer Keenan
Elise Gordon / Student
Emma Mendez / Student
Shar Glickman
Chanel McKibbon / Education Assistant
Alina Gherghinoiu / Student
Brenton Lo / Student
Alex Tolofson / Parent
Grace Hodges / student
Jasmine Chauhan
Esther McPhee / Community member
Amelia Guimarin / Parent
Tess Van Den Bosch
Alex Beasley
Tiffany Chong / student
Alice Cho / Parent
Karen White
Hannah Cavers
Rose Palozzi
Linda Kanyamuna
Marina Melanidis / Youth climate activist, Founder of Youth4Nature
Elise Buckley
Isaac Rosenberg
Mia Gray
Anna Mock
Alexandra Henao
Yasmin Tayob / Teacher
Cori Kelly / Grandmother
Garnet Tobacco / Grandfather
Claudia Medina / Parent
King Mandebvu
Véronique Mireault
Amber Young / Registered nurse
Sydney Weaver
Tiffani Craker
Anna mathen / Healthcare worker
shawntae b
Carie Helm / Parent
K. Matsuyama / parent
Jasmine Gao / Student
lucah martindale
Sunil Sharma / Citizen
Miranda O
Lena McFarlane / Registered Nurse
Janet Wong
Cassidy Butler
Krista Ericson / Parent
Holland Robinson
Casey Stepaniuk
Kaz Kada
Martha Colorado
Dan Kirby
Erin wilson / parent
Alayna Y / student
Lanaii Canada
Mandy Pattinson / Childcare
Stephen Aberle
Sara Cannon / Parent
Siobhan Ruiz / student
Rachele Takeawoa
Dylan Rueter
Ian Mott
Molly Wiedemann
Vanessa Nguyen
Donna Gibbings / Citizen
Daisy Couture
Amy Dhillon / Student
Hillary Kaplan
Ryan Dorsett / Teacher's Aide
Bakhtiar Yaqub / Student
Noam Ash / parent
Rebecca Omotayo / Student
Alicia Newbury / Parent
Carly Nicholson
Hudson M
Haley Wilson
Lauren Malo
Zarin Nawar
Jorge E. Salazar / Parent
Ari Willis
Rukiya Bernard
Candace Witkowskyj / Parent
Fareed Yaqub / Student
Harrison riker
Maddie H
Andrea Garza / Community member
Chris McElroy
Joy Mullen / Educator
Alan Pressinger
Lenny Yang
Jamie Hill
Abby Banerjee
Arley Cruthers / parent
Chase Keetley / Educator
Nicole Fofonoff / M.Ed Counselling Student
Angie Boger
Myriam Hernández / Human Rights activist
Jacqueline Kelly / University student
Jody Okabe / Support worker and community member
Alisha Soni
Kerre king / Nurse
Kat Glasspoole / Caregiver
Melanie Vo
Shirley Perera / Student
Judy MacInnes / Parent
Talya Alexis  
Gabi Dao / Artist who has worked with youth in the VSB
Mary Lovell
Sonya Sabet-Rasekh
Anna M / Student
Flora Michaels
Alison Brown / parent
Tamara Ramusovic
Kathleen Gros
Sarah Monaco
Jose Fernandez / Concerned citizen
Faith Jones / Librarian
Manely Motamedi / Student
Aaron Kilner / Parent
Daylon Payne
Amber Heckelman
Nina Reid
Sky Bauer-Rowe / college student
Trevor Vanden Brink
Julia Di Schiavi / Student
Ingrid Gomez
Stephanie Allen / Black community organizer
Nafeesa Alibhai / Student
Mitchell Stookey
Julie Phan / Student & community member
Connor Gilchrist / Parent
Ingrid  Gómez  
Rodney Stehr
Alexander Klassen / Music Educator
Olivia Paoluzzi-Brown / Special Education Assistant
Kim haxton
Jo-Ann Melaman
Barbara Forsyth / Parent
Melanda Schmid / Former student
Jordan Pickell / Counsellor in community
April Pierce
Joshua Haban
Gwyneth Trafford
Sam Fawaz
Victoria Wolf
Robert Bittner / SSHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow (UBC)
Angelina Rose / parent
Maria dela Cruz / Parent
Stephanie L Smith
Jules Morgan / Community Member
Melek Ortabasi / Parent
Fraser Macpherson / Nurse
Mae Price
Sophia English / Student
Robyn Jacob / Music educator
Ursula Twiss / teacher
Jean Broughton / Library Worker
Kaiya Jacob
Brandy Fedoruk
Jon Scop / parent
Joda Clement
Allison Parker / Social worker
Erin Pritchard / Parent
Christina Salvador / University Student
Paniz Najjarrezaparast / Student
wynne kwok / student
Alex Betsos
Peggy Chen / Youth worker
Kim Thorsen
Alicia Iachetta / University student
Marisa Mylett / Student, Childcare Worker
Sonja Schutte / Surrey Student
Halie Scaletta / Student
Hannah Jackson / Youth worker
Jayden Gonzales / Indigenous student
Julia Seymour
João Macedo
Tyler Williams
Ashley Glover
Anabel B / University student
Brody Doyle / Parent
Dulcie Carter / Parent
Sasha Farquhar
Leila Gaind
Andromeda Monk
Krystle Sivorot  / Child, youth, and parent counsellor
Patricia Herrera / Student
Katrina Orlowski
Elli Zogia
Caitlyn Smith
Ji Lee / Teacher
John Zhao
Alex Sarra-Davis / Community member
Golda Lewin / Parent/ Educator
Haleluya Hailu / Student and activist
Angie Yu / Student
Marley Kastner-White / Student
chiara guzzo / student
Praveen Valsalan
Frieda K / Youth worker
Zahur Ashrafuzzaman / Student
Alysson Hall
Nushaiba Nanjiba
Rebekah Parker / Educator
Rebecca ling
Chimedum Ohaegbu / University Student
Blessing Falayi
Monica Ogden
Emma Pullman
Bianca Palapuz / Educator
Sumi Kim / University student
Natalia Perez / Student
Ryan Andrew Murphy / Parent, educator
Jesse Wentzloff
Gabby Switzer / social workers
Dania Abdel
Jenna Mairs / Vancouver resident & educator
Amanda Jasmine
Erica Køhn / Youth Arts Facilitator, Filmmaker
Alysha Birley
Sophia Hayward / Human being
Mo Bot
Carly Jones / Social Worker
Alison Ward
Amber Ross
heather greig / parent
Katherine Hanen / Ex student
Katie Humphries
Gillian Gallivan / Graduate
Richard Griffin / Parent
Glenda Coelho
Ariel Dennison-Hardy / Student
Tiago de Souza Jensen
Andrea Canales
Taichi Kashima
Manroop Bajwa
Alex faktor
Becky Stewart / Counsellor
Elaine Graham / Community member
Matty Harris / Human Being
Allison Le
Ashley Haynes
Emma Middleton
Seungjin Kim
Marielle Wall
Sonya Kuitenbrouwer / Student
Kai Fernandez / Student
Emily Gale / community member
Anastasia Korol
Mason R
U. Suchanan / Student
Julie Koebel / Human being
Kaitlyn Fung
Alyssa Belcourt / student
Ceileigh Mangalam / VSB employee
Parker Johnson / Resident
Brandan Alphonse
Raeanne Lee
Madison McGuire
Junie Desil
Ray Panke
Severin Vaillancourt / Registered Nurse
Ray Panke
Rui Hua
Mandy Wong / Student
Hailey Chow / High school graduate
Rufina Ip
Alycia Quacker
Zainab Alwarid
simran kang / student
Ananda Lee Tan / Non Violence Trainer & Facilitator
Duncan McHugh / parent
Adeline Brien
Micaela Pereira Bajard / Public health practitioner
Cara Bauck
Lea Hogan / Union worker
Amy Barnett / Student
Karina Zeidler / Family doctor
Mimi Mi
Sarah Graham
Michelle Buckley
Jeremy Alexander
Rachael Zhang
Nicole Rivera-García / Student
Harrison Rockel / Student
Colin Bell
Joy Sandhu
Amrit Randay
Hajer A
Ashlie Lennox
Natalia Ortynski / Student
Kim Glennie
Jess Dunlop / Student
Emma Donahue / Parent
Erica Wyngaards
Phi Nguyen
SJ Johns
Allison Chan / University Grad
Dagoberto Contreras / Educator
Shelly Bazuik / Legal Advocate
Dayton Thodos
Aesia Cohen
Sarah Dowling / Educator & parent
Val Fishman / Grand parent
Molly Hom / Student
Tasha Nijjar / educator, former youth worker
Ainsley Dinwoodie / Parent
Alexandra Cymet / Parent
Justine Powell / Student
Richard Shabazz / Educator
Cerine Madi
Sean Byggdin / Student
Trang Nguyen
Michael Wallbank
Thomas Leischner
Breanna Walker
Anna McDonough / Future parent
Claire Young / Community member
Rob Wright / Agent, The Feldman Agency
Heather Johnston / Parent
Jessica McNealy
Sherri Maunsell / Community member
Emlyn vanBruinswaardt
Anna Abbott / Educator - Burnaby School district
Kirsten Larsen
Naomi Ballantyne / Registered Clinical Counsellor, Therapist
Lini Hutchings / Parent of highschooler
Katherine Cullen
Júlia Melo
Nicole M
Bobbie Martin / Occupational Therapy Candidate
Stéphanie Lamothe / Data analyst, Community Health Care; Educator, Community College; Board member & chair for multiple arts & culture organizations & community shelter.
Natasha Naveau
Lara kroeker / Website Developer
Erin B / Educator
Shannon Wagner / Community Support Worker
Austin Hill / Parent
Lisa Hutchinson / Student
Jaxon toorenburgh
Hayley Zacks
Rebecca Chan
Amber Scott
Jada Webb
Olivia Light / Educator
Judah Kong / Teacher
Jill Taylor
Leah Gailius / BC Resident
Florence Lebnan / nurse
Nicole Chanway
Chris DeBlase / Uncle
Donna Clark / High school teacher
Sarah Chown / Youth nonprofit staff member
Perla Martinez / Student
Vanessa Waterman / Ally
Mikee Miranda / healthcare worker
Jessica Allan / Graduate
Amy Rice
Daniel Sax
Priyanka Sharma / law student
Flavia Kajoba
Giles Slade / Parent, former college professor
Caidence Pizarro
Tara Worthy / Outdoor Educator
Ainsley Dinwoodie / Parent
Ariel Martz-Oberlander / Youth Educator
Rachel Lovick
Kristan Klimczak / Social Worker
Rosemari Caron
Nadine Coffin / Educator
Elizabeth Beck / Parent
Gillian Roberts / Educator
Grace Eamer
Maxine Frank / Library worker
Shagufta Pasta
Kimberly Walton / Concerned citizen
Brittany Penner / Youth Worker
Shannon Stewart / Artist
Omega Menkir / Student
Ascher Goodman
Priscilla Lui
Isaac K. Ooommen / Program Head
Melissa Bergeron
Hailey Orrange / Post-secondary student
Kyra Soko / Theatre Sound Technician
ilka riemann / parent
Melissa Siy
Ivan Coyote
Talia Kleinplatz
Erika Ting
Pamela Burks
Emily Hopkins
Eduardo Meneses / Parent
Jaclyn Guse
Claire Palo
Lama Mugabo / Parent
Laura OKeeffe / Educator
Vive Wong / Educator
Samantha Milligan / Student
Amanda Goulding / Registered Nurse
Diego Salazar / Student
Jorge Strauszer / Concerned citizen with plans for parenthood
Logan Goodwin
Alexander Hemingway
Anahita Jamali Rad
Jacob Stubley
Natasha Dennis
Tonya Chyzowski
Rachael Sullivan / Educator
Siafon Spencer
Light Spencer / parent
Peter Spencer / parent
Tiaré Jung / Consultant, graphic recorder, Indigenous Youth
Lindsey Wall / Youth Worker
Stephanie Boulding / Educator
Devin Kettle / parent
Rachel Braund / Social Worker
Johan Gilchrist / Educator
Bridget Burns
Lisa Twetey / Ex student
Kate Celli / Family friend
Maya griffith / Student
Phoebe Allen
Jessica Elves / Concerned citizen
Jordan Hocking / PAC Secretary Britannia Elementary School
Roxanne Blask
Levi Rosenstand
Devon Oneschuk / student
Hal Lackie / Youth worker
Jeff Bernal
Matthew Pi / Youth worker
Robert Montgomery / Graduated Student
Amanda Whitten / Family Doctor
Barbara Reid
Nicole Maiorano
Zack Willms
Cara Jacobsen
Sarah McKelvey
Michael Fitzpatrick / Parent
Maya Laquian
Amelia Roth
Kathryn MacCumber
Ian Taylor / educator
Jamie Butts / UBC Student
Alex cooper
Chris Blaber
Frank Delorme / Former street outreach/support worker
Chuka Ejeckam
Didi Dufresne
Vikas Mehmi
Safia Boutaleb
Laura Ngo / Student
Viviana De Jesús
Natasha Mobbs / Family Mental health worker
Jennifer Douglas / Parent / Educator
Dan Miller
Noel Farrand / Educator
Travis Walker
Julian Rodriguez
Rebecca McConchie
Natasha molinari / future educator (current student)
Elisa Thorn / educator
Jasmin Kohli-Bryans
Madeline Frances
Coly Chau
Kiana Reyes / Program Facilitator
Anna Hilliar
Alexandra Phizicky
Tiara Rodgers / Student
Gabby Gunn / university student
Erin Elliot / Youth Worker
Aimee stewart / Teacher
Leila Trickey / Parent
Emira Mears / Parent
Alexandra Clancy
Mandy Catron
Ilya Lytvyn
Sarah Farhangi / Parent & Educator
Jaime Almond / Ally
Keli Harrington
Jeanie Parkinson / Social worker
Samantha Wright
Richard Gee / Parent
Gabriel Klein / Construction worker
Lilah Williamson / Student
Lianne Payne / Grandparent
Merial Bull / Social Worker
Jasmine Pahl
Lisa Van Mackelbergh
Rayka Kumru / Educator
Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity
Carolina Espana
Liz Jackman / Parent
Celeste George / First Nations Advocate
Celine Simpson / Mental Health Worker
Darcy Kaltio / BC Certified Teacher
Heather Arm
Miles Wong
Johanna Hauser
Erin Anderson
Abigail Thompson
Brydie Kolohon / Aunt
Karen Chonv / Educator
Dominic Melanson
Jennifer Stubley
Jayden Smith
Stefanie French
Aila Thompson
Kara Stanton
Natalie Lim
Jeneen Herns jensen / Parent
Nelli Grigoryan / student
Hanna Jacobsen / VSB graduate
Tyson Storozinski / Student
Kim Roos / VSB support worker
Ella Jamieson
Bradley Edwards / Retired Constable
Emma Warner Chee
Sylvia McFadden / Youth worker, educator, future parent and ex student!
Jesse Richmond / Parent
Conan Leong
Jay Gignac / University Student
Jesse Richmond / Parent
Emily Best / Educator.
Thor Larson / Student Support Worker VSB
Jenn Gevoga / Parent
Ana Vivaldi / parent / educator / researcher
Maria Fiegehen
Emily Gossmann
Jennifer Wilson / Parent
Taylor Maki / Student
Jolene McClelland
Terri Anderson
Jacky Manoukian
Dayna Horn
Madelaine Beaumont / RN outreach dtes
Victoria Hodson / Educator
Bethel Lulie
kai schwarz
Jonathan Chiang
Elisa Thorn / educator
Stephanie Mayor / Parent
Michelle Danda / Nurse and parent
Galen Robinson-Exo / Community Connector
Stephanie P
Jeannette Baxter
Geneviève Goggin
Åsa Cederholm
Dexter Riecken Sigerson / student
Katie Riecken / parent
Sarah Powell
Kimberly Toeun / Parent
Melanie O'Loughlin
Anne Chien / Educator
Tom Howard
Tunde getaneh / Parent
Sadie Livingstone
Caidence Pizarro
Caitlin Hall
Rachel Shamash / parent
Gillian Freeman
Claire Wemyss / Childcare worker
Amanda Margolles / Gardener
Laurie Smith
Jalini Paramsothi / Youth worker
Terra Pope
Dinah Holliday
Markiel Simpson
Shiloh Kroes
Trina Isakson / Former teacher
Nova Snyde / student
Jessica Knutson / Social Worker
Isabel Cullather
Sarah Eadie / Parent
Lishan Daniel
Erin Purghart
Emily Yates / Youth Outreach Worker
Sophia de Guzman / Student
Sumaiya Tufail / Student
Alyssa Gonzalez / Youth counsellor
Sarah Campbell / Parent
Jacinthe Koddo
Susan Burke
Alana Banks / Concerned citizen
Zachary Storm
Caidence Pizarro
Jessica Brynelson / Social Worker
Blake Critchley / Mother
Veronica Wintoneak
Trinity Sullivan / Student
Emma Feltes
Vienna Jeffery
Ivan Drury / Educator, organizer
Eli Wall / Counsellor
Katie Lay
Jeri Tordoff
Kiera Gregory / Special needs parent
Minnie Ng / Youth Worker
Finnley O'Brien
Sawyer Forbes
Taylor DiSera / Educator
Jonathan Orr / Parent
Nicola Coulthard / Student
Tania Tahooni / Health Science student
Rachel Livingstone / student
Pat McClain
Jordan Menard / Library Worker
Tamar Austin / Community Member
Clea Glasenapp / Student
Dylan Brooks
Bulan Diantree
Elliot Hodges / student
Kayleigh Sandomirsky / Ex youth worker and outdoor educator
Aidan Klajnscek
Darrin Carr
Alissa Skinner
Megan Kwan
Jamila Mberwa / Student
Sam Donnelly / Parent
Danielle Long
Celine Chuang
Nico Tolmie / Parent
Ella Winham / Student
Elizabeth Armitage
Michael Abon
Bhavika Shah / student
Kelly Chessman / Community Educator
frank dutoff
Kareem Ibrahim / Godparent
Vanessa u
Mackenzie Hughes / Student
Lindsay Bayne / Teacher
Amy Turton
Candice solaimany / Youth worker
Alexandra Corbet / Registered nurse
Erin Lum
Margaret Nahas
Victoria Kamila / Graduate
Kristin Dorey / Educator
Meaghan Gibeaux
Shannon Warren
Rasheed Ahmed
Molly Joeck / Lawyer
Shaneeda Jaffer / Parent
Laura McGee
Matthew Carwana / Pediatrician
Sarah Grandan
Curtis T Seufert
Marissa Liu
Aidan Ablona
Sharon Crissman / resident & voter
Max Gross / Educator
Rory Macklin / Ex-student
Miele McGowan
Brittany Anderson
Jordon Robinson
Alex Guiry / Photographwr
Katie McDonald
Isabel Krupp
Liam Lyford / Youth Coach
Victoria Tiwana
Meghan McDermott
Helena Sinclair / student
Veronica Ma
Helena Butow
Kate Quelch / Youth worker
Kat Gallant
Jason Mertz / teacher
Karina Hamman
Madison Thulien / Youth health researcher
Juli Rees / Educator
Samantha Cohen
Kathryn Huynh / Youth worker
Quinn Bosel
Emily Huynh / Student
Peter Lorian / Parent - educator
Jessica Coghill
Christine Wu
Neil saxvik / Student
Alix Born / Citizen
Crystal Krampl
shari mustatia
Joel Jasper / Student
Tammy Hardie / Citizen, Post-secondary educator
Megan Ryland
Martha Colorado
Asher Bozman
Ian Waters / Master’s student in Public Policy
Robin Horner
Jennifer Lavalley
Grace Kwan
AJ Simmons
Ben Evely
Jen Brummitt / Parent
Alison Clancey
Raylee Lane / Post-secondary Student, Research Assistant, and Community Organizer/Activist
Talia Behrmann
Shanti C-J / Student
Njoki Mburu / Student
jenna lilburn
Telly Cruz
Axel Crouthers
Victoria Fritz
Nicole Collet / Parent
Joanna luc
Emily Hardinge Wallace / Community member
Jacobo Zambrano-Rangel
Bryce Halsall
Sally Hutcheon / Parent
Emma Thomas
Susan Menary
Karen Tsui / Youth Outreach Worker
Cayleigh Olson / Advisor
Emily Sun
Nicole Payer
Diya Mathur
Cassidy Bast
Karl Plummer
Monique Leslie / Student
Omar Issa
Barbara James / Carpenter local 1907
Shaun Galaugher / ex student
sylvie audet / student
Gillian Prouse / registered midwife
Mark Maniere
Lena Miller / Student
Katherine Richards
Jessi Halliday
Kate Potapova / Our Time Vancouver
Alix Dunham / Educator / Parent
Bria Said
Jakelene Plan
Niki Najm-Abadi
Eve Jackson / Student
Neil de Haan / parent
Alison Gu
Barbara Sigerson / Grandparent
Claudine Paed / Undergraduate
Ryder White / Parent
Sarah Stockburger
May Shaw / Student
Saffron Sahota / Educator
Reese Naugle / Student
Matthew Donald
Jasmin Sahota
Patrick Armstrong / Parent
Thea Baines / student
Lucy Wicken
Sarah Wong
Hilary Ison
Daragh Drummond
Anneka Hendricks Wang / Student
Jessicka Yliruusi
Che Ren / Parent
Charlene Myers / SSW
Liam McCulley / Student
Taitania Calarco / Worker
Cat Hart
Hannah Maté / Former student
Angelique Goh / University Student
Aliya Mohamed
Ashwini Manohar / Community member
Michelle Ikemoto / Community member
Nathaniel Hanula-James
Audrey Boy / student
Jessica Lebowitz / parent/teacher
Kris W
Nikki Martin
Sarah Goodwill
Serafina / Youth worker
Kirsten Bartels
emilia moreira / student
Laurel Albina / Parent
Alysha Hira / Banker
Ashley Roberts / Community member
Nina Monahan / Parent
Mandy Huynh / student
Selena Marchetti
Rithi Jayam
Kai Steingarten
Raelyn Chartier
John Cassidy
Jeanie Mao
Ellie Loven
Shruthi Tuplur / Student
Alexis Brown
Heather Watson
David Stevens
Stephanie Mawdsley
Evan Bobin
Michael Tsiakalis-Brown
November Smithy / Student
Lana Smith
Simranjit sidhu / student
Erin Gesner
Leanne Zmud
Jacklyn Scodellaro
Amber VanDenBerg / Student
Rekha Pavanantharajah / ArtStarts in Schools
Caroline gomez
Kara Bullock
Leah Erdos / Teacher and Youth Worker
Kelly Tweten
Sarah Jane Taylor
Sam Dabrusin / Concerned future parent
Amber Bland / Student
Erik Beauchesne
Alex G
Mya wollf / expressive art therapy
Jayden Pham
Kelton Whiteaker / Physicist
Paige Foster
Chantell Paauwe
Sheryl Au
Leah Burdett / former student
kaitlyn byford
Hannah Sangster
Catriona McAree
Brittany Chow
Marina Soyfer / Student
Tazwell Simmons
Kimberly Magoche
Hyunjin kim / Student
Lorraine Dick / grandparent
Athena Martinez
Fiona Bowers / student
Colin Ruiz / Student
Leslie Joe
Bernice then
Modeste Zankpe / Consultant
Aleks Mitic
Jada Knighton / Vancouver Island University Student
Ralph Pajarillo
Seren Evans / student
JoAnn Cleaver / Grandparent
Curti nash / Youth worker
Jacqueline Taylor / Worker
Timothy Higa
Jessica Mahon
Ellen Devine
Shersten Stender / student
Noelle Dayman
Kris Kuang
Malachy Lewis / Deli Worker
Cyril Nguyen
Jacob Lund
Dawson Franks / student, worker
Am Lum / Student
Petra Prince
Heather Fitzgerald / parent, educator
Avery Brody / Student
M. Umandap
Katrina Carmela Catalan
Jady Lam
Todd Huang
M. C. Oliveira K.
VIkki Reynolds PhD / Educator Adjunct Professor
paris fleming
Carson Bailey
Lucid lavender
Liam milne / Student
Siobhan Barker / Parent
Robin Johnstone
Daniel Afolabi / Student
Celina Maloney
Rachel Gordon
Perri Linklater
Samantha J. Nichol
Kari homeniuk
Amanda Vieira / Community member
Jenna Chavez
Gaelen Krause
kade arce / student
Kira Chiapelli
Shadi Elien / parent
Sandra Aliandy / Educator
Luey mcquaid / Teacher
Kat Fungo
Angela Ting
Charlotte Bourassa / University Student
Delacey Boggan / Student
arin r
Emily Van Ryn / Student
Kimberly Sunder
Hetty Alcuitas / Parent
Teresa Ngan
Amado Arradaza / Student
Jessie Mayflower / Concerned citizen
deven kuklinski
Genny Stancheva / Parent
Kate Feeney / Parent
Veronika Tkacova
Simone Pallot
Maria he / Student
Anne Wen
umi devlin / student
Barb nelmes / Customer service
Kahila Uriarte / etc
Chelsee Albo / Parent
Corene Brown / Librarian
Trang Hoang
Anna Jaschinski / University student
Megan Hall
Martin McCarvill / parent
Elizabeth Roehm / Student
Aleigha Bonchal / Older sister
Mark Comfort
Caroline Brunet
Carly Maskiell / Student
Darrian Kuklinski
Caitlin Leahy / Registered Nurse
Madeleine Kenny
Cooper Dion
Ruby N
Belen Bucio
Ketsia Mulenga
Sarah A
Trianna Labrosse
Ben Dups
Pauline Vaucher / Early childhood educator
Melanie Larson
Allison Dunnet / Parent
Claire Myers
Isabella Zazueta
Carmen Cannon / Concerned Neighbor
Navreen Judge / student
Jin Fletcher
Esmé Decker / Student
Agazeet Haile
Alisa Sweet
Renee Lauer
Carolina Arroyo Sánchez
Matthew Thorson / Citizen
Louise Walker / Parent
Timothy Lightheart / District Manager and Uncle of 5 children in Vancouver Schools
Katy Tayler / Student
Avery McBurney / Student
Katrina Robinson
William Craig
Christina Drange / Former student
Meera Malhi / Parent/educator
Judy Pan
Savannah Kemp / Community member
Jodie Mak
Kyra Wittkopf
Bobby Gorman
Emil Granados
Gianina Fillipone
Augustine L.
John Groove
Ari Huang / Student
Dahlia Berting
eden hou
Danielle Elkins
Kimberley Heidanus
Alyson Lahoda / Youth worker
Angelina Cleutinx / Student
Kate Quelch / Youth worker
ayşegül kurtuluş
Reka Deak
Wesley Calzo
Cyrah Upshaw
Ashton Gonzalez
Ana Z / Student
Lewis Watson / Parent
Troy Harrison / Graduate
Joshua White / Student
Alice Kim
Taryn Walker
Paige Wehner
Imogen Hayes / student
Lynn Hutnick / Support Worker
Jarrett Irish
Ingrid gerberick / Former VSB student, health care practitioner
Kevin Ledo
Christie Laing / Parent
William Wolfe
Tanya Bryant
Nadiya Valentine / Student
Silvana Martinez / Student
Bean Beans
David Marcantonio
Ashley Fraser
Rivka Kushner
Kirby Huminuik / Parent, psychologist
selena marchena / student
David Stadnyk
Jenn Danyluk / Child/youth worker
Hannah Carpendale
Nicholas Latimer / Student
Drew Dennis
Martha Evatt / Parent in Vancouver, BC
Jeff chirino
Sves Yeung / Childcare worker
Ren L.
Dylan Hamm
Alana Frogley / Educator
Carleigh Forbes
Lauren Sanders
Isabel Ashton
Aimée Grimes
Lauren Ebaugh
Marisa Ratcliff / Student
Serena Eagland
Caitlin Reilley Beck / Child and Youth Minister
Michelle Ciccone
Hannah Sanvido
Maggie Green / Student
Lola Rabinovitch
Anne pearson / Parent
Matthew Laberee / Teacher
Poebe Moss / Community member
Spencer Lindsay
Vita Vigil / Parent
Erin Leduc
Lensa Wordofa
Luc Tellier
Mary Childs
Erika Chan / Lawyer
Shoshana Allice / Parent
Claire Swanston
Cheryl Wiens / Parent
Jennifer Barry / Parent / Vancouver Resident
Florence Bouchard Lepage
anna white / auntie/community member/educator
Anne Heritage
Rita McCracken / Parent, Queen Vic Annex
Morissa Crowley
Janisha Haywood / Parent
Dimitri Zogias
Kate Gunn / Parent
barbara findlay QC / Lawyer
Zoë Biggs / Social Worker
Rowynn Lloyd-Butler / Caregiver
Kari homeniuk
Afra Boissevain
Chad Sato
Kelly Harnett / Parent
Katie MacIntosh
Zoe Friesen MD
Marisa Jamieson
Tamsen Simon
Sara Dent
Rebecca Merasty
Tara Crone / Educator
Demitri Harris / Coach
Julie Bamford / Parent
Lee Newman
Towagh Behr / Parent
emma maskiell / student
Larissa Blokhuis
Ezri Boehm
Ann Anderson / Educator
Natasha Aruliah / Social justice, diversity consultant, and former parent
Eileen Myrdahl
Dana Smith
Simran Bath
Mechelle Pierre / Grand mother
Eileen Finn / Parent of VSB student
Arc Simmons / Student
Bryan Anthony / Parent
Maitri Gupta / student
Jennifer Chobotiuk / Parent & Educator
Shayla Bousquet / Student
Alison crysler / Parent
Matthew Fong
Michelle Missens
Aiden Sisler
Kate Quelch / Youth worker
Kaitlyn Morris / Student
Alison Rose / student
George Berking / Violence Prevention Educator
Syd Hart
Kaia Nielsen-Roine / high school graduate/future architect
Linda Bailey / Youth support worker
Emily Wall / educator
Oranda Dillard / Child of educator
David Marino
Terry Redherring / Student
Rob John / Parent
Tiffany Murray / Parent
Kate Hunc / Registered Nurse
Marina Stamboulieh / Parent
Isabel Hébert / Student
Jenna Hildebrand
Mimi Dejene
Leor Laniado / Youth worker
Karin Roslee
Erin Isnor
Sharon Wu
Trudy O'Neill / Vancouver parent
Eric Schulz
Ryan Betts / Parent
Estrella Blackstock Pedroso / Student
Tracy Humphreys / Chair, BCEdAccess Society
Karin Roslee
Tina Turan / Teacher
Luis Bernhardt / Retired Accountant
E Wayne Ross / Professor / Faculty of Education / UBC
Trevor Ludski / Superintendent of Education (Ret.) TDSB
Jennifer Newby / parent
Jessica Rathwell / Educator
Emiliano Sepulveda / Parent, Artist
Sarah McCabe
Sam Bradd / Educator
Robin Tho
Marina Lazarich
Krista-Dawn Kimsey / Parent
Roberta King
Stephanie Kellington
Jenell Schmale
June Phan
Sam Blair
Jeanie Malone
Ashley Roberts / Community member
Ryan Clark
Stephanie Quan
James Southall / Parent
Emerson Cooke / Student
Yoddit Yohannes / student
Karin Roslee
Gala Munoz
Janette Li / Student
Irena Bliss
Natasha Williams / Student
Fae McCollum
Sandy Wu / Licensed Health Practitioner
Nancy Cameron / Youth worker
Cole Johnston / Educator
Masa DeLara / Educator
Michael G Rosen / Teacher
Leslie Perkins
Stephen Henry Campbell-Wood / Student
Mildred Wong / Parent
Romi Laskin
Morgan Westcott / Parent and Educator
Ainsley Dinwoodie / Parent
jesse caswell / teacher
David Chau
Layla Smith / Parent
Humaam Hamado / Mentor
Kennedy Baker
Avi Sider / Student
Julia Mitchell
Valerie Sing Turner
Linda Pitt
Celine Mauboules / Parent
Clarissa Chung / Student
Amena Jackson
Lean Baking / Nurse
caleb beale / teacher candidate
Nicole Harms
Kyla Yin
Mika Velez
Desiré Reca / Citizen
Moses Gabriel
Crystal massey
Gillian Damborg / Parent / Creative Manager at Capilano University
Rahat Saini
Regan Smith / Student
Xander Williams
Fernando Polanco` / Medical Doctor (MD)
Waleed Kadray / Educator
Jennifer Major / Parent
Shivangi Sikri
Nicole Lee / Concerned citizen
Ryan Owen
william booth / community member
Christine Cochran / Parent
Ajay Booth / Youth Counsellor
Diane Pan
Audrey Soo / Student
Tillman Dierkes
dia k / student
Emily Benington / youth worker - climbing instructor
Shereen Mirwali
Jenn MacLean-Angus / Vancouver parent
Kathryn Zelmer
Cassandra McCoy
MSM Hilal
Sari Zerah / Community member
Ryan Cho / Educator
Gavin Liang / Graduate
Andrea Vásquez Jiménez / Educator, Community Organizer, Co-Director of LAEN - Latinx, Afro-Latin-America, Abya Yala Education Network
Adam Chatburn / Educator
Tarras Adams
Sarah Hornstein / Community Member
Alanna Mulholland
Yvonne Huang
Jacob Fischer-Schmidt / Youth Worker
Shelly Schram / Parent
Jack K / Parent
Keara Yim
Kara Hornland
Manjot Kaur / Student
Rachel Lewis
Victoria Bennett / Educator
Suhas Hassain
Nicola Roscuata
Amanda Slyter / Youth nonprofit worker
Kayla Preza / Educator
Sambriddhi Nepal
Evan Mauro
Natalie Serafini
Sean Cuthbertson
Ciara Ni Chairbre / Teacher
Emily luba
Ana Paula Antuna / estudiante
Adán Almaraz
Sel García / Estudiante
Brett Dimond
Martin Selan
Julie Bélec / Animatrice en école secondaire
Jesse Eidem
Pauline both / Educator
Ethan Chan / Student
Chelsey Levy / Community member
Nico Pante / Student
Chelsey Levy / Community member
Desiré Reca / Citizen
Keirra Webb
Michael Bean / Educator
Amanda Cameron / Teacher
George Rahi
Joy Russell
Saleema Erickson / Educator
anne winslow-hansen
Terri Lynn Haines
Emma Harris / university student
Molly Lewis / College instructor
Sarah Fenton
Roan reimer / Former student
Sophie Belton
Natasha Patterson / Concerned citizen
Lillian Deeb / Researcher / educator
Catherine Camparmo
Claire Anderson / Retired teacher
Kevin Romain / Music teacher
Tyler Hagan / Former Educator, Vancouver Resident
Bella Au / Parent
Patricia Collins / educator
Flora Zhang / Graduated student
Lau Mehes / Youth Worker
Paul Dean / Former lecturer and teacher
Olivia Prissinotti
Taylor Bryant
Sarah Rush / Parent
Trisha Van Haga
Erica Wilk
Mariam Durrani / parent
Naomi Adams / Parent
Mairi Anderson / Teacher
vee bui
Marie Aubin
Nikko Whitworth
Lisley Siqueira
Luna Nuhic / Teacher (vsb)
Maya Motoi
Mireille Kessler
Marianne secrest / Future teacher
Natassia Valli
John Oman / Parent
Kolika Huq / Parent
April Martin / Youth Mentor
Christopher Blaber / Ex-student
Amy Beeman / Parent
Sydney Hermant / Parent
Melissa Nelson
Tara Rathgeber
Natasha Reidegeld / Student
Matthew Horrigan / Community Member
Jamie Christopher Webber
Chiyi Tam / Alumni of VSB
Anica / Student
Diana Lerner / Community member
Simon Marmorek / Teacher
Cassidy Walbourne
Robert Humber
Ashley Roberts / Community member
Alison Gresik / Parent
Krys Yuan / Youth Worker
Kailee Hirsche
Eileen P
Marley Russell / University Educator
Donovan Santaella
Rebecca Euvermam / Nurse
Erin Tschopp / Parent
Lauren Halldorson / Social Worker
Ashley dela Cruz Yip / Youth Mentor
Tamara Johnson
Megan M
Harrison Pratt
Gaby Rice
Alexandra Lyon / parent
Mackenzie O’Flynn
Spencer Hargreaves
Darcie Dyer / Office Coordinator at ArtStarts in Schools
Maureen Parker
Gabrielle Drozdz
Heather Palis / Health Researcher
Melanie Palis
Rebecca Russell / parent
Darja Milidragovic
Mathieu Morgan
Ines Kurpjel
Mia Brooks parent
Andrea Gorgec
Beth Clarke parent
April Damaso
Erin Caissey Parent
Madelyn McPhee / student
Joanna Gower / Youth Support Worker
Neda Ahmadi / Parent of elementary aged students at VSB
kimberly howard
Amanda Tracey
Dayton Thodos
Michelle Rainer / Parent
Kate O'Neill / Educator
Kelsey Land / Educator
Rachel Rees / Registered Midwife, auntie of school-aged kids
Jeffrey Morgan
Samantha Pawliuk / Theatre Artist
Alanna Chomyn / Pediatrics doctor
Karina Valcke-Beckett / Former VSB student
Jinny Lee
Leanna Cheung
Ellen Yap
Aislinn Dressler / Student
Alexa Bennett Fox
Natalie Moor / Educator, parent
Siobhan Laughlin
Jessica Wood
Madeleine Campbell / Teacher
James Pangilinan / PhD Candidate UBC Geography Department
Stefanie Di Giovanni
Trent Otter / Educator
Vivian Ly
Tara Llanes
Tania Leiva
Alice Barnes / Parent
Jennifer An
Jillian Olfert
Alannah Yip
Breanna Himmelright
Carol Tang
Kiran Frank
Sydney Lynn
Ericka Gustafson
Mila Melanidis
Shawn Norman
Netanyah Carter
Nel Dumbrille
Sasha Odesse
Stephanie Cyr
Tamara Baunsgaard
Suzie Jones
Jayne Isherwood
Lauren Rice
Alan Tam / Parent
Christopher Stewart
Jade Sullivan-Vallentyne / Vancouver resident
Heidi Parker / Community member
Sam D Tuck
Kate Snelling
sarah haycock / vancouver resident
Gosia Juszkiewicz / Parent
Sonja Cvoric / Community member
Arielle Baker / Educator
Mindan Gunther-Moore / Parent
Gina Choe
Nayana Fielkov / Parent/artist with Art Starts
Kathleen Yang
Lisa Sahatciu / Student
Hanna Cho / Parent
Simon Thistlewood
Kaylin Pearce / teacher
Kip Chow
Nishat Thaver / Educator
Ember Konopaki / Educator
Billie Reath
Katie Johnson / Social Worker
Carson Bassett
Curtis Mazur
Eden Perry / Student
Eilidh Hatch / University student
Sydney Jinjoe
Finnley O'Brien
Meaghan Gibeaux / Librarian
Lisa Moffatt / Parent of former student
Mist Chaboyer
Anca Aroneanu
Camryn Traa / Former student
Evan Lorant / Student
Georgia Bradley
Elana varner / Graduate student
Rebecca Gittens / Community member
Aletheia Caldwell
Eudora Chu
Meryn Corkery
Madeline Eagleton
Jasmine / Parent
Roslyn Grant
Megan Kwan / Community member
Alex Legzdins
Tatum Lawlor
Neil Vandenbosch / Youth Worker
Alena Mackintosh
Kinsey Nistor / ex-student
Parker Johnson / Parent
Brianne Carson
Lauren Rice / student
Valerie Marshall
Ines Lupton / Alumni, Current University Student

Current number of signatories: 2812
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19) Chrisse Oleman, personal communication
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