2019 Strategic Planning Input Survey
Thanks for helping us in the first step of creating a new set of strategic plans for Prairie Wind Players! We expect you'll be able to complete this form in ten minutes or less. All answers are completely anonymous, and we appreciate your candid input.

The input form is spread over several pages. There are a mix of required and optional questions, and some questions may only be displayed based on your previous responses.

For consistency, we are using the definitions "professional" and "amateur" throughout the form. Professional is intended to relate to professional artists or touring companies (something PWP might "bring in"), whereas amateur is intended to relate to events PWP might produce or sponsor in the region. We also refer to "locally-created" content, which is intended to relate to local or regional talent or artists leveraging PWP's resources (a sponsored show, local playwright, partnership or hall rental).

The PWP mission is to produce and sponsor a variety of cultural and performing arts programs involving amateur and/or professional artists, which will provide opportunities for residents of area communities to experience and appreciate music, theater, dance, art and other venues of artistic expression.

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What do you believe is the purpose of PWP in 2019 and beyond?
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