Chesterfield Bikeways Survey

This year, Chesterfield County is considering a Bikeways and Trails plan that is proposed to cost between $350 and $500 million dollars. You can review the plan here:

On 11/18 the Chesterfield Co. VA government is set to approve 362 miles of bikeways and walking trails throughout the county.

1 - at a cost of $1 million per mile and to exceed $350-500 million-plus over 10+ years.
2 - a cost-benefit study has not been done.
3 - detailed documentation that "all levels of the citizenry want this project" has not been prepared.
4 - safety, liability and risk assessments have not been done.
5 - pastime & sports biking is notoriously an activity of the economically-privileged.
5 - eminent domain will be used to take personal lands for the bikeways and will encumber all adjoining lands.
6 - committing up $1 billion by a govt should be on a referendum before ALL the voters who will pay for it.
7 - this project will add 30-50 people to county staff and add $2-3 millions in annual maintenance costs.
8 - privacy is already a concern as some bikeways will be put right beside existing back and side yards.

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