TAF2017 - Staff Application
Dear Applicant:

This form helps place staff for TAF 2017. Please submit your application by May 22nd, 2017. Your timely response gives the Program Directors time to better serve the unique needs of this year's staff. Please note that there are limited TAF Staff positions available. We encourage you to consider your answers carefully. If you have any questions, please email Vince Huang at ed@tafworld.org, or the specific program PDs listed at http://www.tafworld.org/taf-summer-conference-team. Thanks for applying; TAF could never happen without your hard work and support!

Please do not register for TAF until you are notified of your staff application status. We will be sending out a separate link for staff members to register at a discounted rate.

*** This application is for counselors and advisors only. For Youth Coordinator applications, please use https://goo.gl/qEXHAO instead. ***

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