Halifax County Local Bursary Application
Halifax County bursaries are given to the children of local members who are currently teaching in Halifax County and are members of the NSTU. Applicants must be graduating from High School in the current school year. The deadline for application is Friday, May 17th. Successful applicants will be notified by email the following week. Due to confidentiality, all correspondence will be between the applicant and the Halifax County Local Treasurer only. Applicants are responsible for keeping the confirmation email (or number) that is received once the google form is completed. You will be asked to supply your (SIN) Social Insurance Number at a later date in order to process your request.
Student's name *
Graduating High School *
If you answered 'other' on the above question, please tell us the name of High School you are graduating from
Student's email address - you must be able to access this email in the fall once you graduate so DO NOT use your gnspes email address. *
Student's Phone number *
Student's complete mailing address including postal code *
Post Secondary School Applicant is planning to attend *
Parent/Guardian's name who is currently teaching in a Halifax county local school and is a member of the Halifax County Local Teacher's Union *
Applicant's relationship to parent/guardian *
Parent/Guardian's professional number *
Halifax County Local school that the parent/guardian is currently teaching at *
If you answered 'other' on the above question, please indicate the school your parent/guardian currently works at
Parent/Guardian's non-employee email address *
Please write a paragraph explaining why this bursary would be meaningful to you, the applicant. *
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