SLAKE writers' group: Free, Monthly, Critique + Encouragement, with a little education sprinkled on top! (And refreshments too.)
2716 S. Vermont Avenue, Suite #6
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(323) 363-4417 or
Thanks for being part of SLAKE this year! What role has it played in your life so far? *
What has been the best thing about SLAKE? (Answer this any way you'd like) *
How can we make SLAKE better? (how could Nic lead it better, would you be willing to pay a fee to make it happen more than once a month... again, answer any way you'd like!)
Do you want Nic to follow up with you about anything you've written?
Thanks for your time and attention. I deeply appreciate it. I really hope that SLAKE has been a huge boon for you this year, and I want to make it even better next year. I hope to see you at every meeting in 2020!
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