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Your privacy is of the utmost importance. Bloom has been designed to be as safe and confidential as possible.

This is what we collect from you: 1) Information provided in the sign-up form, including e-mail address, 2) Phone number (to be requested later); 3) Information in the sign-up survey completed after course has started, as well as our weekly evaluation form (which is anonymous); 4) Any chat transcripts form our 1-to-1 conversations.

Google analytics are also used on the Bloom website to catch trends of where and when people visit our site.

How we use this information: Your email address is needed for us to contact you about the course. Your number is needed for us to add you to a WhatsApp group, as there is no other way to get in touch. If you choose to receive our messages via Telegram, we don’t need your number and will simply e-mail the link to join. In Telegram, you won’t be able to see our number and we can’t see yours. In WhatsApp, your number will be hidden from the rest of the group.

We use the chat transcripts and evaluation forms to analyse effectiveness, inform and adapt course content, and to improve our service.

When we delete your information: Your chat transcript will be deleted within 6 months of the course end. Your e-mail address and phone number will also be deleted from our spreadsheets and database. Other information, such as the courses you signed up for, will remain so we can keep count of member numbers and the work we have supported.

If you signed up for our newsletter, your e-mail address will be saved in our newsletter list.

IMPORTANT: We will never publish anything you've said without express consent. We may use a paraphrased summary of what you've told us as general feedback on social media or to promote the work we do, but we will never directly identify you or expose personal information (in any medium) that would put you at risk or reveal intimate or identifying details.

Chayn's full privacy policy is available here:
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