NNC 2020-2022 Collegiate Candidate Nomination Form
Use this form to nominate potential National Nominating Committee (NNC) 2020-2022 Collegiate Candidates. Nominations are encouraged to ensure a robust and diverse candidate pool. Please consider nominating a collegiate sister who you believe would be outstanding in this role and she will be contacted by the NNC when the application opens. Self-nominations are also encouraged! Questions? Contact the NNC Chair, Leslie Schacht Drey at nncaxo@gmail.com. Note that applicants do not need to be nominated in order to apply. All qualified collegians are encouraged to apply, starting in January 2021.
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First & Last Name of Person Completing this Form
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Provide information regarding why you are submitting this individual for nomination. In particular, please speak to the nominee's understanding of current issues facing collegiate members and ability to represent the collegiate voice of Alpha Chi Omega.
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