The Lamp 2019-20 Staff Application
The staff of The Lamp invests a great deal of time and effort into assembling the paper every month. It is our job to inform, to entertain, and to connect the school community, and it is our responsibility to do so in a fair and objective manner. In order to accomplish these tasks, we are looking for hard-working students who can put in the energy and commitment required to produce this high-quality publication. If applying, it is vital that you are able to dedicate approximately 5 hours per month to working on The Lamp.

This form is due on Monday, June 3rd, by 2:00 pm

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Responsibilities of the Positions
Editor-in-Chief: Oversees production of the entire paper—Edits all articles—Approves story ideas—Advises on layout—Finalizes layout and sends spread for prior review
Managing Editor: Designs the layout of the front page--Develops story ideas and communicates with business managers and page editors
Page Editors: Plan and design the page--Assign and edit articles
Graphics Editor: Edits and creates graphics--Knowledge of graphic arts programming and desktop publishing helpful
Business Manager: Manage advertisements, printing costs, and fundraising
Photography Editor: Takes and edit photos--Helps with graphics.
Website Designer: Maintains the website--Utilizes social networking to connect with readers.
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By signing below, you indicate that you understand the responsibilities of the position(s) you have applied for and are willing take on those responsibilities expected. Signing below also indicates that you are willing to make up any work for The Lamp beyond production days until your responsibilities have been completed.
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