Kawa Merch Interest Sheet 2023
Hello VTuber! Please read this entire text and images at the start of this sheet, as every word is essential and will answer many common questions. We are currently Scheduling drops from February to May of 2023. If you would like to apply for a time after that, feel free!
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Email *
Kawa has a preference for working with Content creators that already own art assets to use for simple merch drops.
If you do have a hard to produce item in mind, and a budget available, then we can be a bit more hands on with the design of the items to produce something Unique. 
Here's a short list of what we've made before, but we're always adding new capabilities! 
Artists are at the forefront of our site! 
We try to keep the amount of work for any creator to a minimum, while still offering full creative control- so you can focus on streaming, while we handle the heavy lifting! 
And that's not all! If you've made merch with us, you can sign up for time on the iPad at conventions across the U.S. 
VTuber Name/Username *
Twitter link *
Link to your account on your main platform (YT, Twitch, etc.) *
What Scale of Drop are you interested in? 
How much art do you have complete *
So, WHAT are we Making?
Data is king- poll your audience, talk to your mods, what drip of you have they been craving? 
Please let us know what you've also already sold and how long ago/what numbers you hit, so we can compare that for reference. 
What items have been requested most by your fanbase? *
Have you sold Merch before? If so, what items, when, and what sort of sales did you see? 
Example: "In 2022 I worked with _ and released a Dakimakura, we saw about a dozen sales in the first month" 
"I have a drop with _ running now/next month, selling X" - Feel free to link to the drops, this is so Kawa doesn't propose something that is already available. 
How Lewd is your stream content, and how NSFW do you think your merch will be ((Some printers do not allow NSFW, but we can work around that!)) *
Totally Seiso
The When of a release is as important as the What. If you have an important date, please fill it out here, and we'll check to see if it lines up with our availability. 
Do you have a specific date you'd like to have a merch drop on (OPTIONAL)
Please let us know the current circumstances around your ideal merch drop- is it for an Anniversary with a specific goal date, is it around a holiday theme? Just wanna put out a keychain? Give us as much information as possible here. This is the most important part of this application. *
Link us to a google drive or other option to share any WIP images or image examples- including ref sheets. This is extremely helpful for staff to process your application. Not giving us any images to consider will greatly nerf your chances. *
Thank you very much for your interest! 
We will NOT be sending acceptance/rejection e-mails, if we're interested in hearing more about your merch drop, then we'll contact you via Twitter, Email, or Discord. Being contacted does not guarantee a contract will be offered. We do not currently have a plan to close this form, but will edit it once Feb->May are booked, and begin scheduling for later months. 
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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