Transfer Week, Sac State Day Student RSVP
This form is no longer accepting responses. If you would still like to participate in Virtual Transfer Week-Sac State Day, please follow the directions below:

Instructions to attend Transfer Week sessions for Los Rios students:
1. Click on the Transfer Week webpage link:
2. Scroll down the Transfer Week webpage to “Workshop Details” and open the drop menu entitled "Sac State Day - September 21, 2020" by clicking the "+" Icon.
3. Please keep in mind the times of the sessions that you plan to attend.
4. When the session time starts, please click on workshop title to be directed to the zoom session. (Please note that some sessions require a password and are listed in the workshop description)
5. ​Make sure to take notes and prepare any questions that you may have for the University Representatives.

These are open sessions therefore,
* You don't have to RSVP for any certain sessions to attend them. Feel free to attend any session or jump around to different sessions as they are live.
* You do not need to inform us that you are not able to attend. We hope to share recorded videos of these sessions in the near future.
* Please note that some sessions may have a participant limit, so if you are unable to get into a session please look to attend the same session at a later time (if possible) or pop into another session that interests you. We are trying to accommodate all students as best we can, but unfortunately, we cannot control for demand for a particular session the day of the event.
* Additionally, though we do not anticipate any issues during this event, please be patience if any technical difficulties arise.
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