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Please use this form to request room reservations!

If you need a room in less than two business days, please send a note to instead.

Please note: we do not check the responses to this form on the weekend. If you need a room on the weekend, be sure to let us know in advance!

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We'll do our best to get your preferred room if it's available. If you have any room requirements (projector, white/chalk board, classroom vs. conference room, etc), please list them here.
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If your room preference is a higher priority than your timing, select "yes" and we can let you know when your preferred room is available.
If you want to request food for your event:
Once your room has been confirmed, if your event has food that is paid for by the department, please fill out the Food Request form at Food order requests must be made at least two full business days in advance. Thanks.
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