VSM 2017-18 Parent Survey
Parents, please fill out this ANONYMOUS survey! We want to continue to provide excellent programs to help your child grow in Christ. WE HAVE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO ASK YOU THAT WILL SHAPE THE MINISTRY IN THE COMING YEARS. Thanks for your time and prayerful input.
What grade is your child entering into this year?
What gender is your child?
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Please reflect on what got your child connected to our ministry, what is keeping him/her involved. What factors are most important to your involvement in our youth ministry?
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Important! Will you please list nights of the week your child is MOST available to attend youth programs. (1st night being the most available to attend youth programs)
Example: "Tuesday, Sunday, Wednesday". if Tuesday is the night your child is MOST available, and Wednesday is the 3rd most available.
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What nights of the week is he/she LEAST available for youth programs?
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Sunday Morning Church Attendance
YOUTH GROUP: How interested is your child in attending VSM YOUTH GROUP (currently our Sunday night program).
LIFE GROUPS: How interested is your child in attending MID-WEEK LIFE GROUP Bible Study (groups that meet in homes, with 5-10 students and an adult leader, separated by gender and age)
Winter Camp: How interested is your child in attending VSM WINTER CAMP this February 16-19
Missions Trip: What is your interest in a family Mexico missions trip this spring break 2018?
Please list the extra-curricular activities or personal commitments that conflict with your child's youth group attendance.
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Any topics you think we should study or preach about this year?
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Any GENERAL COMMENTS or suggestions you'd like to offer that would improve you child's experience with our church or youth group?
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Check the box if you are interested in resources for any of these issues
Any personal message or encouragement you'd like to share about our youth ministry? Any volunteer staff member you'd like to recognize as making a difference in your child's life?
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