Charlotte Pride History Project Interest Form
Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in participating with Charlotte Pride's Community Oral History Project. We are so excited to bring together voices of our youth and elders to create an incredibly unique showcase of LGBTQ history in Charlotte. Charlotte Pride is partnering with UNC-Charlotte and the King-Henry-Brockington LGBTQ Community Archive.

We are looking for participants ages 13 - 22 and 55+ to participate in cross-generational interviews to bridge the divide between the age groups of our LGBTQ community. These interviews will take place over the course of a few afternoons throughout November and last between an hour to an hour and a half.

Our young folks will be participating in the collection of Oral Histories from our elder community members. These interviews are unique opportunities to connect young folks with older community members to share and learn from one another.

Elder community members will be interviewed by our young people, who will ask questions ranging from, "How long have you lived in Charlotte?" to "What was it like growing up as an LGBTQ person in the South?" In addition to providing their oral histories, our elder community members will have the opportunity to provide photos, documents, and other memorabilia which help to enhance the stories of their community involvement.

Charlotte Pride and UNC-Charlotte will provide all necessary training, resources, and refreshments for meetings, interview events, and future community panel discussions. Please answer all questions below, and we'll be in touch very soon. If you have additional questions/needs from our team, you can contact Jerry Yelton at or Matt Comer at
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